Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Best way of paying tributes to National Martyrs is to continue their struggle: Baloch leaders

Occupied Balochistan: Anjuman Ithead Marri held an honouring gathering in New Kahan Marri Jirga Hall, Quetta, on the 3rd martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Balach Marri on Wednesday. Baloch people from all walks of life including Baloch Nationalist parties and students organisations BSO-azaad, BNM and BRP paid rich tribute to the Baloch National Hero Shaheed Balach Marri. A large number of Baloch women and children also participated in memorial gathering to pay homage to Balaach Marri and thousands of other Baloch martyrs.

Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri paid rich tributes to Baloch martyrs of liberation including Balaach Marri and Nawab Bugti in a written message from London. The message further read that Pakistani impulsive rulers cannot stop the way of Baloch National struggle for their freedom; the best way of paying respects and tributes to the martyrs of nation is to continue the Baloch struggle for Freedom.

The occupying rulers have made it a routine practice to torture Baloch illegally detained activists, kill them in custody and then dump their decomposed bodies riddled with bullets in the length and breadth of Balochistan. In the message he also said that on EID day Pakistani security agencies dumped the tortured bodies of nine Baloch activists and letters in the pockets of some of the victims read: “Eid Gift to Baloch nation”.

The federal government’s hired Provincial government of Balochistan claims that these killings are results of infighting between Baloch Organisations. However, Baloch nation and whole world knows that these powers and their agents spread similar rumours when Pakistani military martyred Nawab Akbar Bugti and Nawabzada Balach Marri whereas Baloch National enemy dictator Musharraf is on record saying that he will target kill Baloch leaders [he especially named Nawab Bugti and Balaach Marri to be wiped out.] By keeping silent on the recovery of the bodies of Baloch activist the provincial government has exposed their true nature to entire Baloch, read Mir Marri’s message.

In addition, Hyrbyair Marri in his message strongly criticized international media. He said once British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] was free and neutral media but now it has become controversial, in fact Radio BBC is now more like radio Kashmir and radio Pakistan.

Meanwhile other Baloch leaders said that national unity was need of hour at this critical juncture of Balochstan’s history. They said that Baloch are not only fighting in self-defence but the Baloch war is for the establishment of Socialist society free from exploitation. They urged the International powers to stop providing Oxygen to Pakistan and take immediate notice of Pakistani atrocities against Baloch nation in order to make the dream of peace in the region to come true. The Baloch leaders also urged the Baloch Nation to start an intifada against occupying forces while keeping a watchful eye on friends and foes.

Sher Ali Marri a leader of Anjuman Itehad Marri, Professor Saba Dashthiyari, Central Secretary General of BRP Dr. Bashir Azeem, Chakar Qambarani, Meher jan Baloch of BWP, Agha Ashraf Dilsoz of BNM, Nasir Qambarani and Yousuf Baloch also paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Balach Marri and thousands of other martyrs of Baloch Nation. They said Baloch Martyrs had nurtured the Baloch motherland with their blood; their sacrifices will not be let go in vain. Addressing the crowed the leaders said that it was not only a day to pay tributes to Baloch martyrs but it was a day to promise to continue their struggle till victory. They reiterated that Baloch national war was for the establishment of a just society where no one would be exploited and enslaved; everyone would be treated equally. In the end they said that a handful of opportunist element are trying to portray the war for liberation as civil war but these so-called forces do not see the slavery of Baloch nation. “We understand for ridding Baloch nation of everlasting slavery by removing few National criminals is not civil war”, concluded Baloch leaders. Some pictures of the gathering: http://www.thebalochhal.com/2010/11/b ... pictures-by-naseer-kakar/

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