Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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More abduction and no actions from any organizations working for human values

Occupied Balochistan: Hafiz Najeebullah Qambarani Baloch and his family were woken up with sounds of roaring cars and guns being loaded on the midnight of May, 18, 2011.

The terrified family sources said that the FC (Frontier Constabulary) of Pakistan had first encircled the outer boundary and then jump into the house on the soundless midnight of 18 May. All the members of the house were made hostage at gunpoint. They also violated the Baloch culture and sanctity of the house by first jumping in like thieves and then misbehaving with women and children. The family sources further said that Hafiz Najeebullah Qumbrani was brutally tortured before the eyes of his family members and then whisked him away in a swift action. His whereabouts remain unknown since May, 18, 2011.

It pertinent to mention here that a close relative Abdul Waheed Qambrani, a teacher, was abducted on 7 October 2010 from Kalat city Nemargh Cross by Pakistan Para-Military and Military Intelligence forces and later his Mutilated and acidified body was recovered on 1 December 2010 from Raaje area of Kalat.

A cousin of Hafiz Najeebullah Qambrani, Mr. Abdul Rauf Qambrani, the Sub-divisional Officer at the Public Health Department, Balochistan, has been abducted from Wahero area of district Wadh while on his way to Kalat from Hub town of Balochistan. According media reports Mr Qambari along with his family (wife and children) was his way to Kalat when two cars intercepted their car and stopped them near Wadh the armed men kidnapped Abdul Rauf at gunpoint and let the women and children to go. It is worth reminding our readers that Mr. Abdul Rauf Qambrani was previously arrested in 2007 during General Musharraf’s regime and was accused of keeping illegal arms. Later in 2008 he was acquitted by the court because the case was forged against him. Mr Rauf Qambari is still being illegally detained by Pakistani security forces at some undisclosed location.

Occupied Balochistan,GWADAR:Half a mile away from Gwadar 2 Baloch teens were abducted in the night of 18 May 2011 from the area of Dasht by the Pakistani Forces along with Intelligence agencies.

From local sources it is detailed that both the missing teens belonged to Kombeel & Dasht, the names of these forced abducted teens were classified as Abdul Samad S/o Lal Buksh & Azam S/o Meran Buksh. The records specify that eye witnesses saw that the abductors were using the FC vehicles and in those vehicles the personals were believe to be belonging to the infamous ISI.

The report further says that both the teens were stopped while they were riding their motorcycle in a deserted area and without questioning both were masked with black clothes and later were seated in one of the unregistered vehicles and went toward district Gwadar.


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