Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Mehran Baloch shames attacker on freedom of press as enemies of Balochistan

GENEVA: Balochistan representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council has expressed his deep anguish over the recovery of tortured and mutilated bodies of Baloch students and political activists and said the state of Pakistan has made a plan to systematically erase the Baloch identity from the face of earth.

In a statement in the pro-independence Daily Tawar Monday, Mehran Baluch said “Pakistan is trying to physically annihilate the sons of the soil in what remains of Balochistan today,” Mehran Baluch said, adding the Baloch people have every right to defend themselves by all possible means as they can not afford the ongoing genocide.

Delving into history, he said Balochistan was first divided into three parts by the British and later huge chunks of its territory that Pakistani occupied after the British departure were amalgamated in Punjab and other provinces.

Texas-sized Balochistan was invaded and forcibly annexed by Pakistan against the popular wishes of the Baloch people in March 1948 – more than seven months after the British granted independence to Balochistan.

“Like all civilized nations of the world, the Baloch must come to the defense and rescue of each individual that faces the wrath of the oppressors so that the aline forces can not dare harm them in the future” he said.

“We appeal to international humanitarian organizations to take notice of the abduction of Baloch women by Pakistan so as to stop them from repeating the atrocities Pakistan military perpetrated on Bengali women, “ Mehran Baluch said.

In this backdrop when Baloch lives were being decimated and the honor of their women were at stake, Mehran Baluch said no words would be enough to condemn the cowardice being shown by so-called nationalist organizations, in particular the Baloch Students Organization (Mohyuddin Group).

“Daily Tawar was already facing state terror of Pakistan and now the so called Mohyuddin Group is trying to facilitate the job of the state security services,” he said.

The Mohyuddin Group accused Daily Tawar of not giving them adequate coverage, publishing articles under pseudonyms and allege that the pro-independence daily was engaged in yellow journalism.

However, independent analysts have accused the Mohyuddin Group of being chokhras, or toy-boys, of the Pakistani soldiers.

Mehran Baluch said the fledgling Baloch media was already facing Islamabad's censorship but a handful of Baloch journalists and newspapers had boldly picked up the gauntlet and were busy doing their work of propagating the truth about the national liberation movement with a missionary zeal. “By harming the Daily Tawar, the Mohyuddin Group has become a collaborator of the enemy,” Mehran Baluch said.


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