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Long live free and united Balochistan

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Baloch resistance to stay away from Bangkok conference

Prostitution of their national politics? Perhaps yes, the Baloch resistance says it is happening in Bangkok next week.

In Press reports published in Balochistan, the resistance says invitations to a fake doctor, involved in two web hoaxes, Wahid Baloch, and son of a former Baloch guerila leader who has now pledged allegiance to Pakistan, Dr. Jumma Marri, has forced them to boycott the conference that opens in the Thai capital next week.

"Balochistan yesterday, today and tomorrow: Meeting the Challenges" from February 22 to 24 has been ostensibly called in Bangkok by a Paris-based Baloch banker in exile, but the Baloch nationalist workers say presence of the two controversial persons -- both web site owners -- and other sensitive issues have defeated the very objective of an international conference on hammering out strategies for Balochistan independence.

I am forced to pen this article mainly because of a lie. Wished I was from Big Apple [New York]; maybe then lies would not have been such a big deal for me.

I was shocked when a dear friend sent me an email early Saturday morning from London asking me about a Press statement that appeared in the pro-independence Daily Tawar newspaper. The statement pertained to the controversial conference that is scheduled to start in Bangkok -- world infamous for its redlight areas-- and it announced the pro-resistance workers and intellectuals have decided to stay away from it.

The sender of the email was Faiz Baluch. Faiz Baluch shot into international prominence after being wrongly charged in terrorism case pertaining to the Baluch liberation struggle alongside Baluch national hero Mir Hyrbyair Marri, more than two years ago, in London.

What Faiz Baluch told me made me lose peace of my mind for some hours.

Munir Mengal, the front organizer of the conference, had called Faiz Baluch from Bangkok in the wee hours of Saturday and told him that he had called the Online News Network who told him that I [Ahmar Musikhan] had given the press statement. He further told Faiz Baluch that when he asked me I told him that I had given the Press statement after talking with Faiz Baluch.

This was pure nonsense and total lies and I am still in a state of utter disbelief and shock over Mengal's figment of imagination.

Those who know him say Mengal seems to have a penchant for making up fancy stories like General Pervez Musharraf meeting him and giving him a book while he was in alleged military custody during his regime.

"Had it been Sardar Akhtar Mengal, there might have been a possibility [That Musharraf would have met him]. But who knows this bloke? Even I never heard his name," a prominent Christian leader based in the U.S. said.

Some of Mengal's stories in which the dots do not connect have made him a suspect in the eyes of Baloch diaspora, who are wondering if he is a conman or was a genuine victim during the Musharraf regime.

In one such story, Mengal said cuts were inflicted on his penis after he allegedly refused to have sex with a Baloch woman prisoner.

Just four days earlier during a chat on the Skype, Mengal had promised to send me the list of those invited and those who said they will attend the Bangkok conference:

[3:59:41 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: http://www.apakistannews.com/indian-intervention-in-balochistan-proved-161173
[4:09:51 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: your voice is echoing
[4:10:10 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: still echoing
[4:10:33 PM] *** Call ended ***
[4:10:45 PM] Munir Mengal: hello
[4:10:52 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: your voice was echoing
[4:11:00 PM] Munir Mengal: ok
[4:11:13 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: was my voice echoing?
[4:11:24 PM] Munir Mengal: it is an interesting story which they have sketched
[4:11:35 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: $25,000?
[4:12:32 PM] Munir Mengal: Yes and it is also a challenge for U.K. government how Khan Kalat went to India without travel document?
[4:13:08 PM] Munir Mengal: KK dodged MI 5 and U.K. law-enforcement agencies
[4:13:10 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: Maybe they think the U.K. is like Pakistan!
[4:15:17 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: You spoke of those who want independence and included Wahid Baloch and Jumma Marri, whose main acts have been to block the freedom lovers. In any case, if you would be kind enough to provide us the list of inviteess and those attending it would help us make up our mind.
[4:17:42 PM] Munir Mengal: Ok dear that is not a big issue.
[4:18:05 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: ahmar_scribe@yahoo.com
[4:18:20 PM] Munir Mengal: ok
[4:20:37 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: take care now.
[4:20:55 PM] Munir Mengal: ok dear tc and bye
[4:21:26 PM] Ahmar Mustikhan: await list bye

The list never arrived, but Mengal cooked up the story about talking to the Online News Network and then to me on the Daily Tawar statement that has become the battle cry of the sarmachars, or Baloch trying to drive out the fourth largest army in the world from their homeland, against the conference in the prostitution capital of the world..

"Even though I have nothing to do with the statement or its release, I did agree with most of its logical arguments after I read the statement," this scribe emailed Mengal.

Later on, I made multiple attempts to ask Mengal why he had made up a story implicating me in it, without success.

In a hard-hitting statement published Monday, president of the Baloch National Movement Asa Zaffar said in Balochistan capital Quetta since the organizers have not taken the main independence organizations into confidence, their motives and agenda have become suspect in Baloch public eyes.

Many Baloch in North America are in particular incensed over the invitation to a fake doctor who came under investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dr. Wahid Baloch aka Dostaen Baloch of Panjgur.

Dr. Baloch, a blood technician,who runs a web site www.bso-na.org, is involved in promoting and projecting a non-existent Government of Balochistan in exile, allegedly based in Jerusalem, on his web site. Baloch nationalists call this a web hoax.

A second web hoax that Dostaen Baloch said was "not fake but true" showed him as the most popular Baloch leader worldwide.

Mostly traveling with an Indian-style suitcase in his hand, the gentleman is no longer welcome in any significant Baloch gathering in the U.S. or Canada after he attacked three of the most prominent Baloch activists Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch last year as their bodies lay on the foothills of Pidarak, outside of Turbat after they were tortured and killed by the Military Intelligence.

On April 7 at 8.03 pm Dostaen Baloch issued a bombastic statement in the yahoo groups -- balochi_culture@yahoogroups.com, alblush_union@yahoogroups.com, balochunity@yahoogroups.com, bso_na@yahoogroups.com -- against the three Baloch martyrs and asked about Ghulam Mohammad, "Can some ask this paid ISI Agent what is he upto??"

Within hours, the news about the recovery of Ghulam Mohammad and his comrades tortured and mutilated bodies spread like wildfire, bringing Balochistan to a standstill as Baloch protesters took to the streets in their occupied homeland.

This scribe repeatedly requested Dostaen Baloch to issue a strong public apology, to admit that he "ate shit." To eat shit in Balochi culture is a way of saying a person has committed a major blunder and that he seeks forgiveness of the community. But Dostaen Baloch did not budge an inch and said his one-liner, half-hearted apology on the matter was enough.

Dr. Baloch is widely suspected of misinforming the F.B.I. that pro-independence activists, including this writer, are members of an alleged sleeper cell of the Baloch Liberation Army.

Dostaen Baloch had visited New Delhi in the first week of November and made a speech at the Observer Research Foundation and many Baloch are concerned what kind of misinformation he might have fed to the Indians about the Baloch resistance.

Inside Balochistan, in addition to Dr. Baloch's ridiculing martyrs and calling them I.S.I. agents, nationalist sentiments gravitate against the invitation to Moscow-based Dr. Jumma Marri, son of former guerilla leader Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani, who turned against his political mentor Nawab Khair Baksh Marri while they were in exile in Afghanistan.

Ramkhani, who derives his last name from a clan of the sub-tribe of Bijaranis, was a key fighter against Pakistan military during the days of slain premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1973-77, but has now made peace with Pakistani occupation and has allegedly offered services of more than 1,000 Ramkhani tribesmen to the Military Intelligence as members of a levies force.

Dr. Jumma Marri sometime back confirmed to this scribe that during the second Benazir Bhutto government his father was offered $10 million, but he in stead asked for jobs to 1,300 Bijarani tribesmen in the levies.

Dr. Jumma Marri now runs a Moscow-based web site, www.balochunity.org.

To elicit his viewpoint, this scribe sent a controversial video of Ramkhani's act of surrender to Dr. Marri and asked his opinion on it [the video in Urdu is included herewith]. Dr. Marri claims on his web site he wants an independent Balochistan. He says:

"Pakistan and Iran have no moral, political or ethnic right over Balochistan. The Baloch have the right to an Independent, Sovereign Balochistan. There has to be a broader based unity among the Baloch people but the parties and personalities that advocate subservience to Pakistan cannot be a part of this platform."

At the same time he defends his "legendary" father, who is seen pledging loyalty to Pakistan in the attached video. As his response to the video was being awaited, Dr. Jumma Marri posted his comments in the balochunity@yahoogroups.com discussion group run by him from Moscow. He said:

"Stunning truth is coming

"Those who had made Balochistan freedom struggle as their family business net work will be exposed in near future and their tamed dogs will be stripped of their bones for their services of spreading lies and rumors to the innocent minds of poor Baloch youth."

For decades Pakistan Military Intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence have blamed three out of the 200 Baloch chieftains -- the slain Nawab Akbar Bugti, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Sardar Ataullah Mengal -- for keeping the Baloch population backward.

Many Baloch nationalists desire Dr. Marri should rejoin the mainstream Balochistan resistance forces in stead of sailing in two boats and posting unkind comments against his father's mentor in the yahoogroups under different aliases.

Observers say the conference has little value other than change of clime for Westerners.

"It's a only an entertainment conference for those who like to visit and enjoy for a few days in Bangkok," a prominent Oman-based activist Sheh Mureed said in a yahoo discussion group.

"None of the true nationalist forces are attending this conference. Those who blamed our shaheeds [martyrs] and our national heroes are involved in this conference," he said.

Asa Zaffar in his statement said the right to represent the Baloch struggle in international fora rests with only those organizations who are vanguard of the liberation struggle and practically involved in the independence movement and whose actions are visible on the ground in Balochistan.

Without naming Wahid Baloch or Jumma Marri, he said, "Paper, electronic, fake and artificial people should not be allowed to make a fast buck at the expense of the Baloch struggle in blood and tears."

Asa Zaffar, who succeeded slain leader Ghulam Mohammad as B.N.M. chief, asked Baloch living overseas to do their level best to stop devious elements from exploiting the Baloch struggle inside Balochistan for their personal benefit.

Most of the reservations of the Baloch resistance about the Bangkok gathering have been aired and published in the pro-independence Sweden-based Gwank Radio [www.gwank.org], which bluntly asked Mengal about the source of his 40,000 euros funding for the conference.

Mengal told Radio Gwank he got the 40,000 euros funding from his home in Balochistan, which the radio said was unbelievable and totally untrue as Mengal had gone to Paris as an exile just recently.

An article by a young columnist Mureed Jan sums up the reservations of the Baloch nationalist forces about the upcoming conference in an article headlined.

Bangkok Conference; Participation of doubtful personalities, Pro-independence’ boycott


source: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/baloch-resistance-stay-away-bangkok-conference

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