Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Iran accused of violating International Civil Aviation Laws

Bangkok: The leader of Balochistan National Movement (Zrombesh) Mr Ismael Amiri has strongly condemned the arrest of Baloch rebel leader Abdul Malik Regi and accused Iran of violating the International Civil Aviation Laws. He said Iranian authorities breached the International Aviation Laws when they forced the plane to land in Iran and arrest Malik Regi. International Community must take notice of this act of Iran.

Mr Ismael Amiri said this while talking to BBC Urdu from Bangkok, he further said that Malik Regi is not a terrorist but he was fighting for the right of Sunni Muslim and Baloch people under Iran’s occupation. He said there are more than Four Million Baloch in Iranian occupied Balochistan and majority of them are Sunni Muslim that is why the Iranian (Shiite) government is committing atrocities against Baloch people. Malik Regi is a representative of the Baloch People [in western Baluchistan] and he was forced to adopt the arm resistance against the Iranian authorities [to defend his people].

Earlier Iran has accused that Malik Regi was hiding somewhere in Pakistan and that Pakistani authorities were supporting him. According to BBC report this is the first time that a Baloch organisation has given a statement in favour of Regi.

Please read Mr Ismael Amiri's speech at Bangkok conference [this speech was delivered before Regi's arrest]

However the conference in Bangkok remained silent on Regi’s arrest. The organiser of the conference Mr Munir Mengal refused point blank knowing Regi and avoided passing any comments against his arrest.

Read more on BBC Urdu: http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/world/2010/ ... egiarrest_condemned.shtml

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Iran's president accuses USA of supporting militants: http://www.news.az/articles/10017

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