Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Why Balochistan Has Been Lit On Fire? Kinza Chaudhry

Baloch territories spark intense competition among states which see the region as treasure trove terrain in the heart of Asia as Baloch lands span South Asia, Central Asia and South Asia

While the world is consolidating stability in Afghanistan, multiple crises erupting in a neighboring region of Balochistan heralds a brand new game mooted for strategic dominance of US in this prolific terrain of Asia. US has a lust for greater corridor through Balochistan. Now the US influence is going to be threatened by the coup d'etat in Kyrgyzstan, backed by Russia which ended the crony government of US in CARS. It is also accompanied with Russian influence on Georgia thus shunting the US control over Southern Caucasus. It is a blow to the US which coerced it to monopolize this region. Strategic gains in Balochistan are great temptation for foreign powers so they inculcate separatism among Balochs, by exaggerating the bitterness of their non development, impoverishment and exploitation of their resources. Thus separatist movement, extremist groups, secessionist movements, grueling poverty and oppression are all conniving to instability in the Balochistan region, a vast desert area spanning western Pakistan, southwestern Afghanistan and southeastern Iran along the Arabian Sea shoreline. Islamabad and Tehran face active insurgencies in their parts of Balochistan. Spurred insurgencies in the region dreadfully influence the relations between Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan, delaying plans for economic and energy cooperation for development. Conferring the circumstances in Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan province, as a nationalist insurgency has sizzled there; the region has become sensitive to be influenced by the inauspicious events in Afghanistan. It has a very long border with Afghanistan. Insurgents and separatists are supported by the Americans, Indians and the Iranians. And the RAW and the Afghan Taliban embedded in Balochistan are the root cause. Pakistan's largest but least-populated province has been lit on fire after the assassination of senior nationalist leader Habib Jalib Baloch on July 14. Thousands of civilians, soldiers and rebels have died in the ongoing Balochi nationalist insurrection against Islamabad, which they misunderstood as exploitation of their hydrocarbon and mineral resources while keeping them impoverished. This is the fifth rebellion by armed Baloch dissidents in Pakistan's 63-year history. Earlier insurgencies in 1948, 1958, 1962 and 1973-77 were all suppressed militarily. Recent events in Balochistan, such as the killings of Balochi nationalist leaders and the large-scale arrests of nationalist cadres, will hasten the nationalist struggle. Now the nationalists will step up their imprudent war against Pakistan with the help of neighbouring states. Balochistan is going to become a much contested area, just as much as Afghanistan is going to become a contested area as the world enter into this whole idea of American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The nearly million-square-kilometre Baloch territories spark intense competition among states which see the region as treasure trove terrain in the heart of Asia as Baloch lands span South Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. Thus, its presence in these regions makes it important for regional states and whoever controls it also dominates these regions. Indian terrorist activities in Pakistan are entirely cognized by US. But they remain quiescent over that since India is abetting Afghan Taliban with lots of dollars, weapons and other things. Just to do as much as terror they can make into different parts of Pakistan. But whole world and their media keep quite over it. US got only one 9/11, but Pakistan is suffering such catastrophe almost every day. Nobody cares for it. In other words, US is building India as a strong power against Pakistan & China; "Police man of the Region". India showed its macabre "concern" with the heavy military action in Balochistan and inserted that Pakistan should "exercise restraint". Pakistan fumigated the Indian intention and refluxing that "India is supporting the miscreants" in Balochistan. Both the Army Chief and former ISI chief accused both India and the United States with fomenting trouble in Balochistan. As they said that, "The terrorists who are fighting in Balochistan are friends of India and foes of Pakistan. That is the only reason the Indian government expressed concern against military operations in the province". But still new liberal Pak media is so immature and that instead of unleashing the hideous façade of India to world it keeps on picking holes in Pak army and establishment. Though, stringently spilling Balochistan crises must be addressed on an urgent basis to streamline the 62-year bungling of Baloch demands resulting in grievances and injustices, which have brought Pakistan to the edge of another civil war. But still we can't underestimate the role of army as the most laudable step taken by COAS General Kayani is the recruitment of 30,000 Balochs in Pak army. It will certainly assist to ease the tension.

Source: http://www.thefrontierpost.com/News.aspx?ncat=ar&nid=1353

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