Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Ehsan Arjemandi, urgen action required from all members of the community‏

I, Mohhamad Moosa (Ali) Arjemandi, brother of Ehsan Arjemandi ask all members of Baloch community around the world, to help us and press Norwegian government, to do her out most, for the saving of my brothers life from the custody of Pakistan

Ehsan Arjemandi, on a visit of relatives in Eastern Balochistan August last year, was kidnapped by Pakistani agencies at Zero Point, Utthal, Balochistan. Since 7th August last year, Pakistan never accepted that she has Ehsan in her custody. But last Sunday, Pakistan`s minister of interior, Mr. Rehman Malik, acknowledged to the Norwegian TV reporter that Pakistan has arrested Ehsan Arjemandi, because he has been traveling there with false papers, which is wrong. He traveled to Pakistan with valid Norwegian Passport, and with valid Pakistani visa issued to him, by Pakistani Embassy in Oslo. But at the time of his abduction, he did not had with him his documents.

So, at last, they accepted that they had him in their custody. Now, we the family and friends of Ehsan need the help and support of our Baloch community, to press the Norwegian government to try to save the life of my younger brother. Ehsan to me is both a son and a brother. Because we have a gape of age of 15 years.... and I rose him as my own son...

I ask you all please write to the Norwegian foreign minister via this email and urge him, pressing Pakistan to release my brother.
The email address of foreign minister is as following:

and south asian section of said ministery:
and Norwegian Embassy at Islamabad:
I should inform our Baloch community in diaspora, especially in Europe, that we are going to hold a protest demonstration against kidnapping and extrajudicial killings of Baloch intellectuals by both Iran and Pakistan , Friday 6th August in front of Norwegian Foreign ministry. We welcome all Baloch, who could join us in our most peaceful demonstration.
6th August is exactly one year my brother was kidnapped by Pakistani agencies. And our members of community , especially, the family of Zakir Majid, has asked the Baloch diaspora, to do some thing against these inhuman acts of Pakistan, from Baloch diaspora. Therefor it is extremely important that all Baloch could participate. Zakir Majid`s family has done in this regard, much more any other member of the society could do. So, I appeal all diaspora Baloch, where ever you may live, but do some thing for the safe release of our loved ones.
Without, Baloch diaspora`s engagement, Pakistan or Iran seldom, pay attention to the sufferings of our loved ones in their barbaric prisons and under their tortures.
Some of our members of the community, are sacrificing all they have, some with ultimate price of their lives,,,, so if we in diaspora, demonstrate, and give some hours in a good cause, it is not wasted time...
Long live Balochistan....

Your humble brother

Ali Arjemandi.

PS!, Can you please send copies of your emails to me and our Norwegian advocate too?
her email address is:
and mine:

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