Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Bnp Policy Not To Be Changed On Teenagers' Dictations: Akhtar Mengal, The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: The central president of Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal has taken serious exception of the poisonous statements of what he billed as some Anjumans and teenagers on the martyrdom of Habib Jalib, the party's secretary general, saying that his party would not change its policy on the wish of "immature people".

Talking to newsmen on phone, he asked the youth -who are asking his party to demand independence of Balochistan by joining the ongoing armed struggle-to keep their views with themselves and refrain from interfering into the politics and policies of the others. "We will not seek dictations from any one: It should be loud and clear. Thus, they should mind their own business," Sardar Akhtar Mengal said in plain words. He said that the BNP was an established political party and its popularity had been proved which should be an eye-opener to all concerned.

The BNP President said that the immature young men were not aware of democratic norms and had never remained under the discipline of the poor and ordinary people in an organized party and thus they had no right to dictate the populist and democratic party of BNP.

Sardar Mengal was of the opinion that the Pakistani Establishment had always retained power and others had no power and influence on decision-making. Late Habib Jalib and his political colleagues always tried to prevail upon the rulers and the establishment to mend their ways improving governance in the country. Instead of listening and implementing his advice, he was targeted and killed, he added.

"Bengalis understood the message after the first military operation and Balochs failed to understand it even after the sixth operations," Sardar Akhtar Mengal admitted. He said that the establishment had made the common people target in Balochistan and now the leadership was being made the target for killing because the leadership had taken up the issue of Balochistan in the international forums.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal referred to the famous statement of General ® Pervez Musharraf threatening that we will hit them (Baloch leaders) and they could not know from where they had been hit and the same policy is continuing.

The BNP leader said he did not know where the secret agencies were taking the country and which direction. He said our relations with the establishment had never been good. "We are mourning the death of our colleague then and now," Sardar Mengal opined. He said he had no expectations from the secret agencies. However, he said he had never refused to hold talks at any stage of political development. He clarified that his party boycotted the proceedings of the past committees of the previous government when he came to know the real intention of the government at the top as the establishment was trying to pollute the political atmosphere.

He reiterated his party's stand on right of self determination. He said his stand was the same in 2007. No one had objected at that time, he added. He said others have no right to dictate us to change our party policy.

"We are a sovereign political party and not the paid employees of any individuals," Sardar Mengal told his party critics in plain words.

Source: http://thebalochhal.com/2010/07/bnp-policy-not-to-be-changed-on-teenagers-dictations-mengal/

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