Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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A Baloch hanged by Iran, three youth shot dead

Occupied Balochistan: Iranian authorities announced that they hanged a person in Zahedan –capital of the Iranian occupied Balochistan- Thursday. The man was accused of armed resistance and ‘disturbance on the face of earth’. The Baluch man was named as Abdolaziz Nutizahi.

Earlier Pahra news blog reported that two Baloch youth were killed by Iranian armed forces near Bampur city of Iranian occupied Balochistan. The report on Pahra further read that the two were travelling in a car as they were shot at by the armed forces on Sunday.

The report suggested that the shooting took place following the failure of the car to stop on police orders. The deceased were not named in the report.

Such actions are routine in the West Balochistan as locals who fear unnecessary arrest and torture by the forces if they ever were stopped, hence they choose to risk their lives.

Independent sources reported that another Baloch youth was shot dead by Iranian security forces near zahidan University. On the conditions of anonymity the source further said that the man has been shot dead after a bomb was found at a book exhibition centre in the jurisdiction of the university. It is suspected that the Iranian security forces wanted to hide this news from the media and the man who had been shot dead was an eye-witness of the incident.

According our anonymous source it is most likely that the bomb was placed by the Zaboli agents of the Iranian regime because a large number of Sunni Baloch students were expected to visit the book exhibition centre on that day.

The killing and abduction of Baloch youth by Iranian regime and their agents is on the rise but due to media restriction we receive very little information about the regime’s atrocities against Baloch people in Iranian occupied Balochistan.

Courtesy: Taftan News Agency, Pahra – translation by Balochinews & Balochwarna

Joint Statement by Human Rights Groups: (28 October 2010) In the light of the severity of the human rights situation in Iran, the Iranian authorities’ refusal to cooperate with existing international human rights mechanisms, and their rejection of many specific recommendations from member states under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, Democracy Coalition Project, Human Rights Watch, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and the International Federation for Human Rights and its affiliate, the Iranian League for the Defence of Human Rights, call on the United Nations General Assembly to:
• request the UN Secretary-General to issue a more comprehensive report on the human rights situation in Iran;
• request the Secretary-General to report periodically to the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Iran;
• urge the UN special procedures mandates to report periodically to the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Iran;
• appoint a special envoy of the Secretary General with a mandate to investigate and report on the human rights situation in Iran.

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