Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Human Rights Organisations are silent on human tragedies in Balochistan: BSO-Azad

Occupied Balochitan: Central spokesperson of Baloch Student Organisation Azad (BSO) said in a statement that, two years of Zakir Majeed Baloch’s abduction by Pakistani security forces has been completed. Thousands of innocent Baloch students, lawyers, professors, teachers and political activists have been disappeared by Pakistan military; they are being brutally tortured, killed and dump by the state apparatus but the so called Human rights organisations are silent about this new human tragedy in Balochistan.

The statement further read that abducted Baloch are being brutally tortured to death and their bodies are being dumped in deserted areas in Balochistan. Additionally, he said, except Zakir Majeed Baloch, dozens of other BSO leader and activists are also being illegally detained by Pakistani security forces at their secret dungeons. Those who are still missing include Fazull-ur-Reham, Imran Baloch, Arshad Baloch, Asif Baloch, Mushtaq Baloch, Zakir Baloch, Aftab Baloch and several others.

The statement of BSO-azad central spokesperson further read that 52 members of their organisation have been martyred including Qamber Chakar, Comrade Qayum Baloch, Tariq Kareem Baloch, Asim Kareem Baloch, Ilyas Nizar Baloch, Yosuf Nizar Baloch, Ali Jan Kurd, Mumtaz Kurd, Yasir Baloch, Fareed Baloch, Majeed Zheri, Sami Mengal, Zahoor Bangulzai, Zakirya Baloch, Mohammad Hassan Baloch and Abid Baloch. All the above named members of BSO-Azad were abducted by Pakistan FC (Frontier Corps) and later killed under-custody.


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