Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Baloch Liberation Front Kills a Drug Baron

By Archen Baloch

Haji Lal Baksh, the second drug baron in Balochistan after Imam Bheel was killed last week by Baloch Sarmachars, the freedom fighters. Baloch Liberation Front’s spokesperson Doda Baloch accepted the responsibility of the killing and vowed that it would not allow the drug smugglers to use Baloch homeland and earn money for Pakistani armed forces to killed Baloch freedom fighters besides ruining the lives of thousands of youths of the world community. According to Doda, he was an agent of ISI and has been passing on information to notorious ISI’s colonel Shakoor, based in Turbat city, who have killed almost all those Baloch youths who have been arrested in Makeran coastal area of Balochistan. The ISI’s Colonel Shakoor in Turbat city is famous for his brutality to the people of coastal area of Balochistan; therefore he is called the Butcher of Makran.

According to reports Haji Lal Baksh was a close associate with Imam Bheel, whose son Yaqub Bezanjo is a member of Pakistan National Assembly and a central member of National Party. The head of this party Dr Malik himself is an illegal member of Pakistani senate, as his party during, Musharaf era, boycotted election. In Pakistani constitution one cannot become a member of Pakistani senate unless he is voted by members of provincial and national assemblies. So how he became a member of Pakistani senate?

The well informed sources of Baloch media say that Haji lal Baksh aka Lalo was being groomed by ISI for a seat in Balochistan provincial assembly in the next elections for the services that he has carried out against Baloch resistance forces in Balochistan coastal area.

According to a Washington based pro independent Baloch Journalist Ahmar Masti khan, “Imam Bheel, the mentor of Lalo, was a declared drug kingpin by President Barack Obama last year. He is one of the main point men of the Pakistan intelligence agencies in coastal Mekran division”. BLF also targeted Yaqub Bizenjo, son of drug kingpin Imam Bheel, with a Parcel bomb, but he escaped it.

Last year a gory operation was carried by Pakistan hardcore army in Gwadar district to root out the Baloch Sarmachars in the coastal area, where they are offering tough resistance to Chinese designs for a Naval Base in Gwadar with the collaboration of Punjabi military. According to a well informed Baloch writer Ahmar Masti khan based in Washinton, that operation was financed by Imam Bheel with $1.5 million, to fund the military operation in Mekran to capture Balochistan national hero Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

In order to serve Pakistan’s heinous crimes in Balochistan, majority of the drug dealers from Balochistan have been given seats in provincial and national assemblies and senate. These drug dealers one way or other have also been given the cover of Political parties. National Party of Dr Malik, Jumate Ulam e Islam of Moulana Fazul Rahman, BNP Awami, Pakhtun Khwa Milli Awami Party of Mahmood Achakzai, all have their share of members in the Pakistani assemblies.

There was a time when Pakistan was enjoying a cozy relationship with Americans. It received free aid in form of helicopters and dollars, to combat drug trafficking, besides the aid that it received in the name of war on terror. And the Pakistani did well in taking in the naïve American Yankees that it was truly a good partner in controlling the drug trafficking from Pakistan. At that time hardly a day passed by, the Pakistani Coast Guard and Anti Narcotic forces did not carry out the antic ritual of burning some of the bags of drugs (who knows what they contained) on the coastal areas of Balochistan, an attempt to whitewash its heinous crimes behind the scene; and the rest to America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

But nowadays that antic ritual is no more being repeated. It might repeat the ritual again if asked and offered dollars. But it now seems impossible, because the money and the equipment that American had given to Pakistan to fight drug dealers, have been transferred to its hardcore armed forces to crush Baloch Resistance around Balochistan.

It is widely believed that the drugs Baron from Balochistan have hired the Somali pirates for drug trafficking to Europe and America from coast to coast. Sana, the Yemeni Capital is the centre of the drug dealers where the interactions are carried out from different parts of world.

Balochistan is the bottleneck of all Afghan drugs trafficking to Europe, Middle East, Africa and America. It is here where Pakistan has inter-mingled the business of drug trafficking with terrorism. All drug dealers have been hired by infamous ISI to finance all its affiliates and upshots in and outside Balochistan to carry out its terror acts in Indian Kashmir, Afghanistan and Balochistan; some of them are Lashkere e Toeba, lashkere e Jangowe, Musalleh Defaey Tanzeem, the Afghan Talban, the Pashtun mercenary forces in Balochistan, the so called FC the frontier Corps


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