Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Hrk: Outcome Of Iranian Invasion Of South Kurdistan

HRK, East Kurdistan Forces, -- On 16th July and in a bid to occupy South Kurdistan the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) tried to infiltrate the border region from various fronts. They were equipped with heavy weaponries including tanks, missile-launchers, helicopters and katyusha. Nevertheless they were confronted with the high spirit resistance of our guerrillas and as a result the IRGC received a fatal blow.

Now the Kurdish resistance movement is in a position that is stronger than ever and well able to stand for all our national values and achievements; thus it will render any offensive of the enemies and the occupier ineffective.

Kurdish nation in all parts of Kurdistan has reached a status that is more than ever closer to national unity; owing to this, changes in any part of Kurdistan will have direct effect on the other parts.

In the current phase that the people of the region are going through change and revolution, the foes of Kurdish people are persisting on their occupational and oppressive policies, they want to dilute the stage the Kurds have reached and neutralise their achievements. Within that context the Islamic Republic of Iran which had been gearing up for new waves of military operations and the occupation of South Kurdistan, initiated its first military incursion on 16th July.

We declare the numbers of the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) offensives, the outcome and their casualties as follow:

•Assault on part of Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC): 18 times
•Mortar attacks: relentlessly
•Casualties of IRGC: 255 guards, including the chief of command of the war General Abbas Qassemi (General of Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Garrison in Qom Province, he was also the head of the Intelligence Service of Qom Province), 5 other senior commanders, 2 colonels, 1 chieftain, 2 mercenary leaders have been killed. Over tens of Revolution Guards were wounded.
•1 tank, 1 katuysha, 1 cannon of 120, 5 military tents, plus 6 military vehicles of Revolution Guards have been demolished.

As a result of heavy shelling of the village of Sune of Qalaeze District, 5 villages have been wounded. One school is demolished and the mosque of the village was damaged. 5 houses are demolished, 1 person lost his life in the region of Sidekan and 3 people are injured.

Heavy damages have been inflicted on the villages of Arke, Marado, Rezge, Suregule, Serxan, Shinawa, Baste and Aliresh; great numbers of forests have been destroyed in fire.

The ammunition and weaponries confiscated by our guerrillas are as follow:

•1 machine gun of 12.5 kind, 8 Kalashnikovs, 1 RPG, 1 wireless radio, 1 ID card.
With high spirit of resistance and standing up for the achievements of our nation, we declare our casualties as follow:

•8 guerrillas lost their lives
•4 guerrillas injured

The Council of East Kurdistan Forces (HRK), 25/07/2011


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