Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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In Pakistan, journalist join police to beat up protesting Baloch

In Pakistan, journalist join police to beat up protesting Baloch students

Bringing shame to the worldwide community, Pakistani journalist allegedly joined the Pakistani police to beat up Baloch student protesters. As per the sources, the Islamabad based journalists boycotted the protest by Baloch Student Organisation, which was staged a protest on Monday at National Press Club (NPC) to condemn the abductions of 8,000 Baloch activists, torture and subsequent murder of Ali Sher Kurd, a Baloch lawyer, writer and

The journalist allegedly used abusive language against the Baloch protesters and jointed Islamabad police to beat up the the Baloch students. Several of the students have been badly injured. The police lodged FIR against all of the student protesters.

The Baloch students had chanted slogans against the intelligence agencies that they believe are responsible for the death of Ali Sher Kurd along with 20 other persons who were abducted and murdered by Pakistani intelligence agencies only in the last two months.

The Baloch students also vociferously condemned the increasing incidents of ‘disappearances’ of Baloch people belonging to all walks of life and criticised the role of the military in Balochistan

Tributes were paid to the scores of Baloch martyrs and ‘missing persons’ who have been subjected to the worst forms of state brutality merely for speaking out in defence of the rights and dignity of the Baloch people.

The Baloch students chanted slogans against the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, also chanted slogans for the Freedom of Balochistan.

http://frontierindia.net/wa/in-pakistan-journalist-join-police-to-beat-up-poet. /protesting-baloch-students/1720

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