Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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News : Brief Analysis of Current Baloch freedom Movement

Written By : Hafeez Hasan Abadi

Translated By : Archen Baloch

Given the current situation of Balochistan, it is easy to acknowledge that Baloch national struggle has achieved tremendous success what Nawab Akber Khan Bugti Balach and Gulam mohamad had envisaged for the freedom movement. Just five years ago, once again, when the movement was systematically started with some extremely guarded slogans of sovereignty over “coastal and natural resources”, only a few believed that these committed patriots would lead the struggle to that degree.

Several old political jugulars and shopkeepers, were of the opinion that these people would go to mountains and fight a few wars with the enemy and then they come down and we would make alliance with them by selling the blood of their martyrs at the rate of votes, it earn us a heavy margin to form a government.

Another class of thought was of the opinion that these people would fight but they return back accepting some privileges, or for some other reasons or excuses, they would return back in the name of dialogue.

However, Pakistani rulers were suffering from a misconception that these few “miscreants” (as Pakistani military terms them) would not be able to weather Pakistani military power. As far as the public support is concerned, it could be attained through bribes by lavishly spending money. Pakistani rulers were also in the same misconception that as it has blackmailed the international community into the war of terrorism, therefore they would not support Baloch national movement for freedom; thereby it could easily crush Baloch national insurgency which is deprived of external and internal support.

However, nothing happened to the dismay of Pakistani rulers. Yet it is admitted that several mistakes have been made by Baloch leadership during this period. Several deficiencies are still lingering. But overall proportion of successes and achievements is highly tremendous and influential.

But here raises the question, to which stage Baloch national movement has reached? Without any hesitation, we would be justified to say that today Baloch national movement has reached the pinnacle of success and to the point of no return; and it has attracted the attention of international community.

This is the stage, where the enemy knows well deep in its heart without any ambiguity that Baloch national movement for freedom is the writing on the wall and a genuine one. One can delay it for a few months or years but cannot contain it forever. This is a shock which has plunged occupying forces into a panic, where it’s trying its best to avoid the inevitable defeat by committing genocide of Baloch nation.

But history tells us that when colonial power starts applying its barbaric and brutal tools to oppress and the subjugated one tries to regain power to counter the brutes, no one can stop it from regaining its lost sovereignty. There is a famous saying in Pushto that “by force one cannot run the affairs of a village”. So how on earth, both Pakistan and Iran have conceived the wrongful thinking that they can turn Baloch home land into Punjabistan and Gajaristan by custodial killings of Baloch youths and dumping their mutilated dead bodies in desolate places. In this short discussion, we will try to see who has been weighing heavy and who calculated the situation accurately?

Fail attempts of negotiations: With the start of the war, the Pakistani state began to call upon the Baloch freedom fighters for negotiations but the real motive was to deceive them as it did previously. This time it had to face extreme disappointment because the Baloch leadership had learnt from their previous mistakes and was only willing to talk on the basis of one point agenda of independence which the Pakistani state could not digest by any means.

The other reason causing disappointment to the Pakistani state was its wrong expectations of Baloch leaders who it thought were leading the current struggle. Those ‘wannabe’ Baloch leaders (selected by Islamabad) are still awaiting a third party interference may that be Saudi Arabia, UAE or any other country in solving Balochistan conflict, making it an excuse to start negotiations with Pakistan. As Islamabad cannot initiate talks with these leaders knowing that they have no control over the situation in Balochistan, thus they are useless to Islamabad.

Islamabad has been always trying to find out who is the’Man’ behind this struggle by asking this poisonous question via its salaried supporters in different forums, but failed. The reason is, it has become necessary for Pakistani state to find the main leaders and martyr them, like it did with Nawab Akbar Khan, Meer Balaach Marri and Ghulam Mohd but there is no need for Baloch to announce their leadership publicly.

Regarding this issue, we had previously mentioned in a sentence in one of our articles that a weak leadership could not carry out a successful rally in the streets, so thinking about it convincing people to sacrifice for a cause is meaningless. This indicates that Baloch have a strong and sagacious leadership.

Another fact of this struggle is that it is not under the supervision of those leaders who were previously fooled by the Pakistani state each time. That is why a few Baloch leaders when issue statements, stink Punjabi accent which can be very clearly visible when they term Baloch freedom fighters as a few emotional teenagers etc. This is actually a jealousy within these leaders that they are no longer able to control the situation.

Egotism of military power, failure: Anywhere in the world, public support is very important for any force whereas in Balochistan the situation is different and the Pakistani forces are facing exactly the opposite. This is somehow a clear victory for Baloch masses that enjoy overwhelming support of the locals in Balochistan i.e. the estimations and expectations of Pakistani rulers (about the situation in Balochistan) have been proven totally false.

with the period of time as the struggle gains more and more momentum and moral support, the intensity of atrocities by the occupying forces would increase too. Then a time comes when world powers will have to involve themselves into the conflict field as they did in Bangladesh case. This is the very same path which led the Pakistani Punjabi forces to kneel down in front of Indian army and were forced to take off their under wares.

Failure in achieving local support: The reaction of people of Balochistan has overturned the desires of Pakistani state in the region. Pakistani state had been expecting flower buckets in response to its atrocities in the occupied land to which the people of Balochistan have not only stood against the tyranny but those who are pro-Islamabad or pro-parliamentarians, are facing severe condemnation.

The contribution and cooperation of the (local) people needed to run any government structure has become impossible in Balochistan situation. Targeting governments own high ranking officials like Jan Mohd Dashti and disappearance of hundreds of those who were currently working on govt. jobs, itself justifies the fact that Islamabad does not trusts anybody in Balochistan.

Baloch officials posted in different districts in Balochistan are the subservient of the Baloch freedom fighter, is what Islamabad thinks. In such worse conditions of Pakistani mistrust, the question of how long it (Pakistan) could continue such in Balochistan totally depends on the Balochistan independence leadership and the local Baloch.

Failed attempts of labeling Baloch as ‘Terrorists’: Like other fields, Pakistani state had to face failure in the attempts to mislead the world to declare Baloch as ‘terrorists’. Though the world is not openly favoring the Baloch struggle but the silent support could be easily observed. If it wasn’t so, then all those tiny little supportive and sympathetic voices arising from different corners of the world would not be heard in presence of real world opposition (against the Baloch national struggle).

It should be noted here that Pakistan and Iran has left no stone unturned to term Baloch as extremists and separatists. Pakistan is maneuvering for such things at a time when the world community is blackmailed by Pakistan. It has successfully played its Taliban card to pressure US even by using their resources. We should give credit to Pakistani devilish brain for this.

As lies are bound to be unveiled, Pakistan can no more double cross the world community by playing double standards. Pakistan’s double standard and unreliability can be beacon light for Baloch national movement. As Baloch movement grow within it will also pave the way externally. There is no need of emergency and immediate results. As Baloch has continued its struggle without international supports, it should carry on likewise. In the future too it should rely on its own strength and should not listen to any external suggestion of slowing and sharpening of its advances.

Besides these adorable facts, there are some issues that without addressing them, the freedom lovers can face additional difficulties for accruing targeted results.

There is no doubt that the movement has deepened its roots and has engulfed all corners of Balochistan. Instead of this, immaturity in consciousness in its different centers can be a cause of many obstacles.

Fearing the longevity of discussion, as per saying “a word may suffice to a wise man” the presence of unwanted parliamentarians in the centers of freedom lovers in Makaran and especially in its coastal belt is not less than a red alert. Sometimes by the dent of their personal relations and approaches they take such advantage of common folks’ simplicity which makes sacrifices of people doubtful. By doing so, they have their own axes to grind. It cannot be ignored by any mean. There are two incidents that can be taken as examples. The first, a brother of a true resisting “among missing persons” leader declared hunger strike till death without prejudging his capability. But after 48 hours he felt that he was much weaker than those sisters who for months had staged set-in protest in front of Khuzdaar, Quetta, Karachi, Noshki press clubs and his stamina was far less than the old mother of Wadood Raisni, the mother of Baloch nation, who, in her senile age, participated in the hunger strikes and protests; and at last embraced martyrdom and joined the rank of thousands of Baloch martyrs. The brother of the missing person should have evaluated his stamina before staging a hunger strike. If he had to break his hunger strike, at least he should not have taken the glass of juice from the hand of National Party leaders to break the strike, which is equally involved in all crimes of abduction of missing persons and killings of political workers, including his brother, and being used as an instrument to subdue the freedom struggle. Wasn’t there any worker of BNM, BRP, and BSO azad in Gwader to break that strike which was directly related to enormous sacrifices of the missing person? National Party, along with all other pro Pakistani parliamentary parties, is a partner in crimes with Pakistani state in the massacre of Baloch nation.

I don’t know when this bitter reality dawn on such people that the main object of enforced disappearances and the annihilating of true political workers is to pave the way for the pro parliamentarians. Any participation of these parties in the programs of pro independent parties should be considered as a sabotaging act, because this participation provide them an opportunity of photo session for public consumption which shows that they are in the national struggle, and it ultimately earns them vote in elections with a big margin, which negate the sacrifices of our missing persons and the martyred ones. On another occasion in a Balochi cultural program in Turbat, we saw that government’s representatives Dr Malik and Mulla Ismail were active as if they were the torch bearer of Sarmachars and martyrs. At the same time diversionary statements were issued to newspapers at the behest of them. The satanic tactic of National Party in Gwader is not under discussion here in which it purposely divide and diverted the huge funeral procession of Lala Hameed into different alleys just to belittle its significance. In short, unless and until these parties have dispensed with Pakistani parliamentary politics and agreed on single agenda of freedom, the more the pro independent parties distance themselves from them it would be the more better for the pro freedom movement. And it would be a service of recognition of the sacrifices of the Sarmachars. Conditions of resignation from pro parliamentary parties should be layout for those people who are interested in stepping over the stage of the pro independent forces.

Need for reconsidering of policies against the loots of Baloch resources:

Today, when in Islamabad reservations are expressed against closure of Punjab’s 500 factories due to unavailability of supply of gas, we can easily judge that Baloch Sarmachars have greatly succeeded in halting merciless plundering of Baloch resources. Besides this, the resources in saindak, Rekodik and Jhalawan are being looted in full vigor. This is an important strategic question that can’t be neglected at any cost.

It is necessary to halt the exploitation and loot of Saindak, Rekodik and Jhalawan resources because it will greatly put an end to the Chinese interests that in turn will be tantamount to cutting Pakistan’s main nerve. Those who erroneously suggest for disturbing NATO and Allied Forces chain of supply should consider the fact that china is not only Pakistan’s friend but also equally involved in plundering the resources of Balochistan. On the other hand NATO and Allied Countries do give aids to Pakistan through international agreements but they also put Pakistan’s neck under the sword of IMF. Not only twice bigger culprit China is plundering Baloch resources with impunity but also it is setting examples and encouraging other countries to invest in Balochistan by entering into mutual international trade agreements with Pakistan.

There are also no obstacles against plundering and looting of Baloch resources in other parts of Balochistan. Therefore those odious faces involved in plundering are still hidden from the eyes common Baloch people. They do give statements against it but they don’t feel any shame against their own equal involvement. Putting hindrance against them may help in unveiling their true faces, and they may no more be able to put the people in dark.

NATO and USA can be the first natural allies of Baloch against china’s expansionist and aggressive policies. By considering this fact, the Baloch leaders should formulate their policies accordingly. It also should be noted here that Baloch leadership should not be submissive to any power. They should make policies on the basis of mutual respects and for maximization of their national interests. These will surely accrue desired results for both Baloch and its Allies.

The Importance of Unity: Occasionally, contradictory position has been observed in some areas of the struggle particularly among pro independent forces. It indicates a bad omen for those forces that are the direct target of the state terrorism. Even a slightest misunderstanding can be exploited by the crafty state agencies to create rift among nationalist forces which could expand the distances. The only thing that can prevent us from making mistake is to avoid making hasty decision without any precise knowledge, which could lead us to blunder.

Because of this lake of disunity and the lake of order in work, we saw a sharp contrast in the statements issued by different leadership of BNF. Here we do not want to dismay our friends, but this bitter reality exists. And it requires immediate attention. It is worth mentioning here that when we talk about unity in the ranks of Baloch leadership, our attention directly goes to those who are advocating and believe in the ideology of Freedom of Balochistan. We strongly believe that those Baloch, who have not yet practically disconnected themselves from Pakistan, are unworthy to be considered as friends. First of all, those who advise for unity should ask them to abandon Pakistani parliamentary politics, Instead of advising the pro independent forces for unity. They should keep it in their mind that how they can be accommodated in the ranks of pro independent forces that are unwilling to relinquish the wrong and useless politics of Pakistan?

To chastise the pro-Islamabad Baloch politicians and increasing the public pressure, first of all BNF has to create extraordinary harmony within its ranks. And they will have to demolish some of their little mosques; otherwise all will end up at a loss.

The last word: we need to bring into debate our losses and the successes in detail, because, if we look at them meticulously, the list will be very large. But being short of time, we wrap up our debate and we emphasize that pro independent forces and the public needed to be perseverance, agreeable and united. But when we have to chosen one out the three, the priority should go to perseverance, as it is the substitute of pragmatism. One can learns lesson from the inefficiencies during the process. This eventually paves the way of unity and agreement, and synchronizes the essentials of the struggle.

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