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Long live free and united Balochistan

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Baloch Political Prisoners

ISI Killing Machine and List of Baloch Martyres which Killed by Pakistani ISI, MI & other State agencies

March 17, Islamabad , Sri Lanka Guardian) The Sri Lanka Guardian has received reports of more than a thousand cases of murder in Balochistan, Pakistan in which the state intelligence agencies, the ISI and its sister organisations have been involved. An independent activist group has documented these cases with details from the victim's families. We have published first hand reports received a few weeks ago from our source in Pakistan. Some of the photographs available show the brutality of the acts of torture and readers are warned of the graphic detail in some of them.

Baloch Nationalist Pro-independence Organisation the Baloch National Voice (BNV) has released a detailed report of under-custody killings of Baloch political activists in last six months of 2010. Previous year (2010) has been one of the bloodiest years for the abducted Baloch from July 2010 to December 2010 at least 60 Baloch political prisoners have been murdered in cold-blood by Pakistani security forces. The mutilated/decomposed bodies found from different areas in Balochistan bore sign of extreme torture including electric shocks, pulling their nail out, carving their bodies with sharp objects and throwing acids on the faces of Baloch political activists; majority of them were shot in their heads and eyes. The victims of Pakistan’s Military Intelligence belonged to pro-liberation Baloch political Parties and Student Organisation including BSO-Azaad, Baloch National Movement (BNM) and other Parties that have been supporting freedom movement in Balochistan. Apart from the member of political parties a large number of victims included other innocent civilians such as lawyers, Students, intellectuals, writers, social activists, Human Rights activists, poets and other members of general public. The victims of state atrocities belonged to different tribes in Balochistan i.e. Bangluzai, Marri, Langov, Pirkani, Mengal, Kurd, Somalani, Mullazai, Sarparah, Shahwani, Lehri, Zehri, Khosa, Rodeni and members of other tribes who had been abducted from different areas in Balochistan.

Renowned Baloch lawyers advocate Zaman Khan Marri, Baloch writer and lawyers Ali Sher Kurd, BNM Gwadar zone president Lala Hameed Baloch, BSO-Azaad Multan zone President Asim Baloch, well-known Baloch poet and singer Faqeer Mohammad Ajiz Baloch, 14 year old Majeed Zehri Baloch and 70 year old Shadi Khan Marri were among the most conscience and prominent member of society who have become victims of Pakistani state atrocities and “kill and dump” policy.

Pakistani Military and their sponsored Organisation Sepah-e-Shohada-e-Balochistan (The Army of the Martyrs of Balochistan), which has been named as PUNJABI DEATH SQUAD by the Baloch people, have claimed the responsibility for most of the under-custody killings of Baloch political activists.
The details of 63 Baloch political activists who have been murdered under-custody by Pakistani Military Intelligence in the last six months of year 2010 are as follows:

July: six (6) abducted Baloch were killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies in 4 incidents in July 2010
August: Pakistan Military Death Squads killed 15 Baloch detainees in 11 incidents of in-custody killings
September: 5 abducted Baloch were killed in 4 incidents of under-custody killing
October: In 2 incidents of under custody killings 3 Baloch activists were killed
November: 18 Baloch abducted persons were killed in 5 incidents of under-custody killing by the Pakistani Military Intelligence

December: 16 Baloch political activists were shot dead under-custody in 9 incidents by Pakistani intelligence Agencies.

Among the above reported incidents the identity of 51 Baloch martyrs have been confirmed and 12 martyrs could not be identified because their corpses were so disfigured that it was impossible to ascertain their identity. Despite the murder and the discovery of mutilated bodies of over 60 innocent Baloch in only 6 months the conscience of the UN and other so called champions of Human Rights did not wake up. Not only the in-custody killings increased in the last six month of 2010 but also a large number of Baloch youth have been abducted and they are being illegally detained in undisclosed location by Pakistani army. If the International Human Rights Organisation and the International Democracies still remain silent and do not take immediate notice of in-custody killings of Baloch prisoner then we fear that lives of thousands of innocent people are at risk at the hand of Pakistan Military, Intelligence Agencies and Para-military forces.
Some of the graphic details of under-custody killings and the brutal torture from July 2010 to December 2010 are as follows:

July 2010: On 5 July Faiz ullah Baloch S/O Arz Mohammed Bangulzai’s mutilated body was thrown in BMC. He was off loaded from a passenger van and abducted two months before his murder along with other two friends. The other two friend of Faiz Baloch are still being detained by Pakistani Intelligence agencies in an undisclosed location. A piece of paper found tied to Faiz Bangulzai’s neck had anti Baloch slogans and discourteous words against Baloch freedom seeking forces.

Similarly, on July 23, the brutally tortured body of Najeeb son of Abdul Waheed Langove Baloch was founded in Ladies Park in Block 5 of Satellite town of Quetta. Najeeb Langove had been abducted from his home in Quetta two month before his murder. A writ petition had also been submitted to Balochistan high court against his illegal arrest at the hand of Pakistani security forces.

The third victims of extra-judicial killing of July 2010 were Shaheed Ghulam Farooq S/O Ghulam Rasool Mengal and Ashfaq Ahmed S/O Khuda Baksh Mullazai Baloch. Their mutilated bodies were found in a pound near Qambarani Road Quetta on 26 July. The families of the victims talking to media said that, both men had been missing for more than two months. “Farooq Mengal was picked up by secret agencies from Lakh pass area, at the exit point of Quetta city, on May 10, this year,” claimed one of his relatives. The relative added that Ashfaq had been whisked away from Saryab area of Quetta on May 21. The victims were residents of Jail Road Hudda in Quetta. Both of these Baloch youth had been subjected to brutal torture and inhuman treatment under custody. They were shot in their heads and their bodies thrown in deserted areas. The victims received multiple bullet wounds on their heads and died on the spot, Dr Noor Baloch of Sandeman Hospital told The Express Tribune. FIR had also been lodged against their abduction in nearest Police stations and a petition against their illegal detention was still pending at Balochistan High Court. Their families held several press conferences and protest demonstrations to draw the attention of media and justice departments toward the illegal arrest and detentions of their loved ones. Nobody listen the hues and cries of the families of these innocent Baloch.

The last incident occurred on 30 July 2010 when a tortured body was brought to Bolan Medical College (BMC) for identification whereas another body of a Baloch youth was found in western Bypass in Killi kirani. Both the bodies were unidentifiable due to mutilation. They were killed in the same manner as other Baloch activists. Therefore it is concluded that those two bodies were also of the disappeared Baloch youth.
August 2010: In August the under-custody killings of Baloch disappeared further increased and on 6 August two mutilated bodies of Baloch activists were discovered in Western bypass near Killi khali. They were identified as Bhar Khan S/O Baig Mohammad Bangulzai resident of Faizabad Quetta and Ghulam Qadir S/O Mohammed Hashim Pirkani resident of New Kahan Quetta. The bodies’ hands and feet were tied. The local police moved the bodies to Bolan Medical Complex Hospital for autopsy. Hospital sources said the bodies had been shot in the heads and had clear marks of violence. Ghulam Qadir Perkani had been missing for a month. The deceased Bahar Khan's father, Baig Muhammad Bangulzai, said that his son was whisked away by Pakistani Para-military personnel from Ghai Khan Chowk on June 31, 2010. He said he had filed a petition in the Balochistan High Court and nominated the security agencies for abducting his son, but the court has failed to provide him justice.

The next day on 7 August 2010 the body of 28 years old Baloch was found in a forest near Mastung town. He was killed in the same manner as previous victims of state violence; he was identified as Nazeer Ahmed S/O Abdul Hameed Bangulzai. He was a Government employ in Central jail Mastung. On 29 June 2010 while taking an official post when the intelligence agencies of Pakistan abducted him. His mutilated body was found after one and half month of his abduction in a forest near Mastung town.

The badly disfigured body of Hakeem Baloch was discovered in Mand town of Balochistan on 11 August 2010. Whereas, on 13 August 2010 two bodies of two Baloch detainees were discovered in Killi Tarkha. They were brought to BMC for identification. One of them was identified as Shah Jahan S/O Abdul Baqi langov. However the other body couldn’t be identified as it was unidentifiable due to disfigurement. Shah Jahan was abducted two months before his body was found near his resident in Killi Ismail.
Similarly, on 14 august two mutilated bodies of Baloch youth were found in Ferozabad River near Khuzdar. They were identified as Zohaib S/O Salam Rodeni and Khan Mohammed S/O Atta Mohammed Mengal. They were abducted by Pakistani agencies on 1st August from RCD Highway near Jinnah Cantonment on their way from wadh to Khuzdar. Their legs and hands were tied and their bodies bore signs of bullet wounds. On the morning of 18 August another Baloch youth namely Mohammed Hussain was abducted by Pakistani FC in Panjgur city. His tortured and bullet riddled body was thrown in Panjgur city in same evening.
On the night between 13 & 14 August 2010, two mutilated bodies of Baloch detainees were discovered near Shalkot and shifted to BMC for identification. They were identified as Mohammed Umer S/O Chakar khan resident of Samangli and Arz Mohammed S/O Abdullah resident of Pirkani Abad Quetta. Both of them were shot in their heads after extreme torture. Hospital sources revealed that the victims had died of bullet wounds to the head and bore torture marks on their faces, their hands, as well as other parts of their bodies. The families of both the youth said that they were abducted two months before their brutal murder in custody by Pakistani Military Intelligence.

Mohammad Hassan Baloch’s body was found in Panjgure on 16 August 2010. His body also bore signs of inhuman torture and violence at the hand of Pakistani officials.

On 22 August another mutilated body of Baloch youth was found near Chaman Phatak in Quetta. He was also shot in the head and his face was completely decomposed and unidentifiable. On 23 August Niamathullah Baloch a resident of Mand was abducted by Pakistani agencies from Tump and his body was found from Jaalbar River in the same evening. He too was shot in the head.

On 25th August the discovery of decomposed bodies of Baloch missing persons continued as mutilated bodies of two youth were discovered from Bostaan and Sooraab regions of Balochistan. The mutilated body from Bostaan was identified as Abdul Rehman aka Ghazi Khosa but the one found from Soorab couldn’t be identified because it was extremely disfigured.

On 26 August 2010, two bodies of Baloch youth were discovered in Baghbana are of Khuzdar town. One of them was identified as Tariq S/O Mazar khan Baloch resident of Khoshak and the second youth was identified as Tahir Baloch resident of Khuzdar. They were abducted and disappeared by Pakistani agencies in the beginning of August. These youth were also subjected to brutal torture and inhuman treatment during imprisonment.

September 2010: on 6 September 2010, in the early dawn the mutilated body of renowned Baloch lawyer Zaman Marri advocates S/O of Mehrab Khan was discovered from Mastung. He was abducted by Pakistani agencies on 18 August when he was on his way to home in Killi Kamalo from his office Kabir building situated on Jinnah Road Quetta; the Kabir Building is affiliated with Balochistan High court as private chamber for Balochistan lawyers. Balochistan High court took suo moto notice because of the protest of lawyers against abduction of Zaman Marri. Petitions were submitted to High Court for his safe and early recovery but nothing worked and nobody could save him from the clutches of notorious Pakistani Intelligence agencies, eventually, his bullet riddled body was found just a day before a hearing against his abduction; the high court of Balochistan had summoned the head of the intelligence agencies to present his report on Advocate Zaman Marri’s abduction. After the discovery of the tortured body of the Baloch lawyer the Balochistan high court and other related departments remained silent instead of taking any action against those responsible for the murder of advocate Zaman Marri.

On 7 September 2010, two mutilated bodies of Baloch youth were found in Mungacher and Quetta. The body discovered from Quetta was identified as Asadullah S/O Mohammed Hussain while the one found from Soro River in Mongacher couldn’t be identified as it was extremely decomposed to the extent of non-recognition; both were shot in their heads.

On 13 September 2010, a body of another Baloch youth was discovered from Khadh kocha area of Mastung and shifted to BMC for identification. He was identified as Ali Ahmed S/O Pandhi Khan Marri. The young Marri was abducted six months ago on 7 April 2010 from an FC check post along with his four relatives near Qambarani link road in Quetta. He had been subjected to inhuman treatment, brutal torture and eventually shot in the head.

On 24 September 2010 the dead body of renounced Baloch writer and lawyer Mir Ali Sher Kurd son of Jumma Khan was found in Khuzdar. He had been abducted three days before his murder from Quetta. Mr Kurd’s body bore signs brutal torture, in fact his both arms and stomach bore signs of cuts of a dagger and the rest of his body was bruised and bashed. He had also been shot in the head after subjection of inhuman torture.

October 2010: Two dead bodies of Baloch youth were found on October 22, 2010 who had been identified as Zahoor Ahmad son of Haider Bangulzai and Faqeer Mohammad (Ajiz) son of Abdul Qader. Zahoor Ahmad Shahwani was an active member of BSO-A (Baloch Student Organisation-Azaad) whereas Faqeer Mohammad Ajiz was an employee of Cadet College Mastung and a Balochi (Brahui) Language singer. Both of the youth had been abducted by the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan a month ago from Mastung. These both were also shot in their heads after gruesome torture and inhuman treatment under custody.

On 24 October 2010, the dead body of a teenage student of class eight and a member of BSO-Azaad, Majeed Zehri son of Haji Ramzan Zehri was recovered from Rabia Khuzdari Road in Khuzdar town. Majeed had been abducted five days earlier from Omer Farooq Chawk Khuzdar from Al-Basit medical store on 18 October 2010. “He received a single bullet in his head which passed through his skull and his body also bore marks of torture,” sources at hospital told newsmen.

November 2010: The brutally tortured body of another member of BSO-azaad, Asim Kareem Baloch, was found in Khanozai area on 1st November 2010. Asim Kareem Baloch was BSO-A’s Multan (Punjab) zone president and he was studying at Multan Polytechnic College. He had come to Balochistan after he learnt that his brother Tariq Kareem Baloch had been abducted by Pakistani Military Intelligence. On 26 October he held a press conference at Quetta press club against the abduction of his brother Tariq Karim Baloch from Karachi; he had gone back to his home in Besima town of Balochistan after the press conference. On 30 October he was returning home after attending a wedding ceremony when the Pakistani security force fired live rounds at him and arrested him in injured condition. He was never heard of until 1 November 2010 his dead body was discovered in Khanozia region in Balochistan. “We have eyewitnesses about the incident. Security forces opened fire on him,” he alleged BSO-azaad spokesman. His Brother Tariq Karim’s fate still remains unknown.

A brutally tortured and unidentified body of a youth, stuffed in a sack, was recovered from Uthal on Lyari coastal highway on 4 November 2010. His identity was confirmed as Nizamuddin Marri son of Kaihar Marri after a note was found from his pocket. According to eye-witnesses he had been subjected to extreme torture. Both of his eyes and his finger nails were pulled off during the process of torture. His body was cut in pieces and packed in a sack before dumping him away in the deserted area.

ON EID DAYS, 17 November 2010, ten tortured bodies of Baloch abducted activists were found from the length and breadth of Balochistan, which turn the celebrations of EID to grief and mourning. These bodies were deliberately dumped in different area of Balochistan to turn the EID of already aggrieved people of Balochistan to a more sorrowful festive. Among the ten,two bodies were discovered were identified as Bashir Ahmad Lehri and Asmatuallh Sarparah of Mastung town, whose bullet riddled bodies were found in Ghunch Dhoori and Kadh Kocha areas of Balochistan. Asmatuallh Sarparah was a member of BSO-azaad; both of these youth had been abducted two month ago by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The other bodies had been identified as Nasrullah Samalani a resident of Winar Chapar area of Kalat town, Peer Jan son of Haji Noor Mohammad and Mohammad Raheem son of Dad Mohammad Baloch also residents of Kalat. Their bodies were found 20 Kilometres from Kalat in Ahmadabad area. Their heads and bodies bore signs of bullets wounds.

On the same day (17-11-2010) the body of Samiullah Mengal son of Hafiz Ghulam Qadir Baloch was found in Fairozabad area in Khuzdar. Mr Mengal was a student of Khuzdar Engineering University and a member of BSO-azaad. He had been abducted one and half month ago from Kathan area of Khuzdar by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

On the second day of EID (18-11-2010) two dead bodies of another Baloch youth were found in Heronak area of Turbat. One of the victims was identified as Lala Hamid Baloch son of Hayatan, Gwader zone president of BNM and also a senior member of Gwader Press Club whereas the second victims was named as Hamid Ismael a resident of Chahsar. Both of the youth had been subjected to inhuman torture in custody and shot in their heads. The relatives and journalist colleagues of Lala Hamid Baloch held several protests for his save recovery but all these efforts were ineffective and could not stop the savage Pakistani security forces from killing the innocent Baloch activist.

Body of Javid Baloch son of Naghman Baloch was found in Nasirabad area of Mand town in Balochistan. He was a resident of Kech (Dasht) region of Balochistan. Notes were found from the pockets of majority of the victims whose bodies were found on EID days. The notes read: “EID GIFT FOR BALOCH NATION”.

On 23 November 2010 five mutilated bodies of (presumably Baloch youth) were recovered in Yaro area of Pashin district of Balochistan. The location of bodies was first spotted by a shepherd when he saw a pack of dogs gathered around the bodies. The bodies were around two months old and extremely decomposed hence it was not possible to identify them. However, from the remainders of clothes and shoes Baloch Nationalists parties have come to a certain conclusion (to some extent) that these were bodies of Baloch youth who had been abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies from different areas in Balochistan. Observers and analysts also believed that it was a case of mass murder and the bodies were first buried in a mass grave let to them decompose to the extent of not being identified. After they made sure that it was impossible to recognise these bodies; they threw them away.

Bullet riddled body of a Baloch youth was discovered in Dasht area 20 Kilometres from Quetta on 30 November 2010. He had been identified as Iran Sarwar aka Khalil Baloch. He was abducted from Dasht by Pakistani intelligence agencies 25 days before his murder in custody.

December 2010: On 1st December 2010 two bodies riddled with bullets were found in Kalat and Dasht regions of Balochistan. One of the victims was identified as teacher Abdul Waheed Qambarani, as resident of Nemergh area of Kalat. The second victims had been named as Kamran son of Sadar Shaekh Husseni. Teacher Abdul Waheed had been abducted from Nemergh cross near Kalat by Pakistani intelligence agencies two month before his murder where as Kamran Baloch was abducted from Quetta around one month before his murder. Both of the youth had been brutally tortured and shot in their heads. Teacher Waheed Qambarani’s tongue was cut off and acid were thrown on his face.

Habib-ul-Rahman son of Mohammad Noor Bangulzai’s body was found on 12 December 2010 from Ghuncha Dhoori area. He had been abducted on the 3rd Day of EID (19-11-2010) by Pakistani security forces from Killi Khwasaam area of Mastung town.

Similarly, on 17 December 2010 bullet riddled bodies of four Baloch youth were found in different areas of Balochistan. Among them two were found in Murghab area of Turbat town in Balochistan. They had been named as Abdul Razaq son of Abdul Latif a resident of Mand and Mohammad Yousaf Baloch a resident of Thump town. Both of these youth were off loaded from a passenger van five day before their murder (11-12-2010) while they were on their way to Awaran from Turbat. Like all other victims of Pakistani intelligence agencies they had also been subjected to brutal and inhuman torture. According to their relatives they were given electric shocks and later shot in their heads and dumped in deserted areas.

On the other hand another two dead bodies had been found from Peshik area of Khuzdar town. The bodies have been shifted to Khuzdar Hospital. According to local reporters the victims have been named as Ibrahim Mohammad Hasni of Surab and Noor Ahmad of Peshik Khuzdar.

The tortured and riddle with bullet wounds body of Khuda Raheem Bangulzai was found in Koshek area near Kalat on 18 December 2010. Mr Bangulzai used to work in BMC (Bolan Medical Complex) as a dry cleaner. He was abducted on week earlier by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The brother of Khuda Raheem Bangulzai along with Nasrullah Bangulzai, the chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, had held a press conference at Quetta Press Club on 12/12/2010 and they had accused the Pakistani security agencies for the abduction of Mr Bangulzai.

Five bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch youth were found on 26 December 2010 from Quetta and Dasht. Among the five mutilated bodies two were found in Qambari Road Quetta and had been named as Zubair Ahmad son of Ghulam Rabani Sarparah and Sarfaraz Tariq son of Ali Khan Bangulzai. Asmatullah Sarparah, Faraz and Zubair Sarparah were abducted on 22 September 2010 from Main Ghundi area near of Quetta. Shaheed Zubair was the son of a Gardaab based tribal elder Ghulam Rabani Sarparah Baloch. It is worth mentioning that their third friend Asmatullah's body had been discovered from Kadh Kocha area of Mastung on 17/11/2010 (EID day).

The other two bodies that were found in Dasht area were identified as Shadi Khan Marri son of Jamal Khan Marri and Sohbat Khan Marri son of Ahmad Khan Marri. Aged Shadi Khan was abducted three month ago from Rana Bhat area of Windar in Balochistan along with another friend when he was going to his farm whereas Sohbat Khan Marri and his cousin Arzi Khan Marri were off loaded from a passenger van on 1st October 2010 in Hub Chowki Balochistan. They had gone to hospital and on their way back to home the Pakistani security forces intercepted and stopped the passenger van at Daro hotel and dragged both Sohbat Khan and his Cousin out. Arzi Khan Marri son of Meero Khan Marri is still being held by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The fifth body was discovered at Saryab Road Quetta and it was extremely decomposed and could not be identified.

All the above named victims’ bodies bore signs of extreme torture and electric shocks. Their hands and feet were tied with ropes and they had been shot in their heads. Shohada-e-Balochistan the death squad of Punjabi military claimed responsibility for most of the in-custody killings of Baloch abducted persons. The death squads of Pakistan military usually accepts the responsibility of the killing of innocent Baloch abducted person either by putting notes in the pockets of the victims or by SMSs to the media. They also threaten to continue to such more gruesome murders which are adding to the anguish of the relatives of Baloch missing persons. Currently the lives of thousands of Baloch abducted persons from the length and breadth of Balochistan are at stake. The abductions of Baloch youth by Pakistani intelligence agencies are increasing day by day instead of decreasing.

It is worth mentioning that three renounced Baloch political leaders including the president of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, his deputy Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch of Baloch Republican Party were abducted from their lawyer’s office on 3 April 2009. Their mutilated and badly tortured bodies were found five days later on 8 April 2009 from Murghab area of Turbat. On 23 August 2009 BNM’s central joint secretary Mir Rasool Bux Mengal had been abducted in Uthal area of Balochistan. He was on his way to his farm when the intelligence agencies abducted him. On 30 August 2009 his bullet riddle body was found hanging from a tree. His official abductors had carved (with a sharp object) on his body slogans against Baloch resistance and political Organisations.

Observers, analysts and writers who have been writing and analysing the Balochistan issue believe that since Pakistan military has failed to defeat Baloch resistance Organisations that is why out of frustration they have started to killed innocent non-combats (Baloch) in Balochistan to avenge the non-Baloch, security forces and agents/spies of Punjabi military. Several representatives of the state of Pakistan have openly expressed that currently most of the Pakistani intelligence agencies are involved and active in Balochistan and they have been given the full task to crush the Baloch freedom seeking forces. Currently Mohajir and Pashtun lobby are simultaneously working against Baloch resistance movement. Intellectuals and historians believe that the occupying Pakistani forces are repeating policy of their Master the British. Their (British) formula was “MORE MARRI MORE PROBLEM, LESS MARRI LESS PROBLEM AND NO MARRI NO PROBLEM”. The remainder of the British, the Pakistan army, their agents, Punjabi, Mohajir and Pashtun lobby are acting the formula of “MORE BALOCH MORE PROBLEM, LESS BALOCH LESS PROBLEM AND NO BALOCH NO PROBLEM”.

History has witnessed that the same brutal Pakistani army tried all these inhuman tactics against the Bengali people which they are applying against Baloch people today in Balochistan. In fact, their atrocities against Balochistan are ten times intense than what they did in Bangladesh; such actions of the state will result another Bangladesh in shape of Independent Balochistan. It is worth remembering that abductions and target killing of Baloch youth have increased during the period of the so called democratically elected government of PPP (Pakistan Peoples’ Party). The current ongoing dump and kill policy has also started in PPP reign. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had announced that all missing persons will return to their home safe and sound but as we can see the situation in contrary to what he had said. The families of Baloch youth instead of receiving their loved ones alive are being gifted with the mutilated and bullet riddled dead bodies of their dearest ones.

On the other hand ever changing statements of PPP’s federal interior minister Rehman Malik has made the issue of disappearance even more complicated and grave. He sometime blame the previous governments responsible for mass disappearances in Balochistan, sometimes he refuses to acknowledge the disappearance of political activists and sometimes he says that the disappeared activists have gone to Afghanistan, Dubai etc. Rehman Malik has also openly said that his government will use force to quill Baloch freedom struggle saying that -SELECTED KILLINGS WILL BE CARRIED OUT IN BALOHISTAN AGAINST BALOCH FREEDOM SEEKING FORCES INCLUDING BSO-AZAAD. Governor Magsi and CCPO Quetta Ghulam Shabir have also said in their public statements that target killings will be avenged by target killing. They went to the extent to say that “Baloch people will be sent the dead bodies by the current government in exchange of the dead bodies of non-Balochs in Balochistan.

After such statements by the federal ministers, the governor and the CCPO Quetta people are concerned that the Pakistan military intelligence have made these powerless ministers issue such statements so that they (Agencies) can easily detained and harm Baloch political activists anytime. The Attorney general of Pakistan Malik Qayum on GEO TV’s On the Record program has openly said that several Baloch abducted person have been killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies and that they have been buried in mass graves.
The Chief Minister of Balochistan Aslam Raisani has admitted that Pakistani intelligence agencies are involved in abductions and target killings of Baloch youth. He also said that his government is helpless before the notorious intelligence agencies. Raisani has also told a team of Human Rights Commission that ISI and other Intelligence agencies are directly involved in abduction of Baloch youth and that is beyond his power. He also admitted that the FC is running a parallel government in Balochistan and its out of the control of his government. The ex-interior federal minister Aftab Sherpao had also accepted that at least 4000 Baloch were being detained by his government (in Musharraf reign). Majority of these people are still missing.
From the above statements of confession by top Pakistani minister it is proven that Pakistani intelligence agencies, Military Intelligence and Para-military forces have been given the licence to capture and kill any Baloch, anytime and anywhere they want. They (ISI & other intelligence agencies) are a law onto themselves and they are not answerable to anyone. The continuous abductions of Baloch and the in-custody killing of over 70 Baloch including Students, Lawyers, Intellectuals, writers, Prayer leaders (Pysh Imams), social activists and other innocent non-combats proves that full state machinery is involved in mass genocide of Baloch people and under-custody killings of Baloch youth.

It also worth mentioning that Balochistan has been occupied at gunpoint on 27 March 1948 because at that time the Baloch Nation and both houses of parliament (Houses Common and House of Lords) has rejected the notion of joining the newly created state of Pakistan. After the illegal occupation and forceful invasion of Baloch land in 1948, the Baloch have been struggling to regain their independence. In the struggle to regain their sovereignty the Baloch Nation has faced several bloody conflicts and painful times of history including the murder of their National leaders and thousands of other men, women and children. At present several thousand Baloch activists are languishing in torture cells of Pakistani military. Whenever the Baloch youth have raised their voice for the freedom of their land the state forces have used its full military might to crush the freedom movement. Pakistani state is still continuing the massacre of Baloch Nation, abductions of Baloch youth and trying its utmost to eliminate the freedom struggle of Baloch people.

Baloch Nation has never expected any decency or mercy from the Pakistani state and neither had they begged for mercy. The deliberate silence of the International Champions of Human Rights and democracy and the United Nations on the ongoing atrocities against Bloch people is adding fuel to the anger and disappointment of Baloch Nation. According to article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”. However, ongoing genocide of Baloch Nation by Pakistani state has raised several questions in the minds of Baloch people about the role of UN and the implementation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ article 3.

For the above mentioned sole reasons the Baloch are no longer satisfied with the work of any International Organisations. Similarly, biased approach of Pakistan’s electronic and print media is also adding fuel to the anger and hatred of Baloch Nation.


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