Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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News : 23 March: Baloch Nations receives more mutilated bodies as Pakistan celebrate “Lahore Resolution”

Occupied Balochistan: Two more bullet riddled bodies of illegally detained Baloch youth have been found in Windar area near Hub industrial town of Balochistan. The victims have been identified as Arif Noor Baloch and Mohammad Nawaz Marri, both the youth were abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

According to details the bodies of of Arif Noor S/o Noor Mohammad Baloch abducted on 31 of October 2010 from his flat in Karachi. It must be recalled that Arif Noor Baloch, an employee of GDA (Gwadar Development Authority), was abducted in presence of his mother, sister and other family members by Karachi police and Intelligence agencies.

Sources reported that Mr Arif Noor’s body has been shifted to Gwadar [his ancestor town] for his burial. The family of Mr Baloch has also gone to Gawadar to pay their last respects to the beloved son of Balochistan. They have decided to bury Arif in his native town of Nalent, Balochistan.

The second body was of Mohammad Nawaz Marri found just inches away from Arif Noor Baloch’s body. His body also bore marks of extreme torture and mistreatment and had bullet wound in his head and upper torso. Nawaz Marri who was a labourer by profession had been abducted on January, 5, 2011 from near Lasbella while he was returning to his home from work. Source close to him say that he was the only sole bread earner of the family.

According a pessimist report on frontier India the chances of recovering the rest of the missing persons alive and well is becoming slim or even impossible. Earlier similar concerns were expressed by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons that the state’s intentions were evil and it almost adamant to kill all the missing persons because the state intelligence agencies would never want to expose their hired local agents.

Pakistan celebrates the March 23 to commemorate the passage of what was originally the ‘Lahore Resolution’ (Qarardad i Lahore) and later became better known as the ‘Pakistan Resolution’ (Qarardad i Pakistan).The report on Frontier India further says that the Lahore resolution succeeded in 1940 but it failed in 2011 and it will fall [read remain no longer] after Balochistan regains its Independence.

Baloch Human rights campaigners and leaders have been urging the International champion of Democracy, Human Rights and Justice to take notice of Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Baloch land and impose economic sanctions against Pakistan until it stops the ongoing genocide of Baloch Nation. International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has listed 117 Baloch political activist and students who have been killed under-custody by Pakistan intelligence.

Family of Arif Noor Baloch talking to BBC urdu. They say that intelligence agencies accompanied by local police came to their flat in the night and abducted Arif Noor Baloch.

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