Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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News : 8 Pakistan military personnel, 3 NHA engineers killed in Gwadar attack, BLF claimed responsibility

Ocupied Balochistan: At least 11 people, including seven workers of Frontier Works Organization (FWO), and three of National Highway Authority (NHA) Engineers, were shot dead and two others were wounded when Baloch Freedom Fighters opened fire at their camp near Phelleri area of Gwadar district on Monday night.

The Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani while confirming the incident said “that eight men armed with sophisticated weapons on four motorbikes opened fire at FWO camp in Phelleri area of Gwadar. Resultantly 11 people were killed instantly while two suffered bullet injuries”.

The Baloch freedom fighters also torched two vehicles of FWO after shooting. “They took away the vehicles and set them on fire some 5-kilometer away from the site where they killed the staff of FWO,” eyewitness accounts said. The attackers fled on their motorbikes after killing the military retirees.

The camp was set up by FWO for their employees who were engaged in road construction. The dead were employees of FWO and NHA and most of them belonged to Punjab province. CNNreported that “The Frontier Works Organisation is controlled by the army and staffed by retirees”.

Home Secretary said that without the help of local people no one can carry out such a deadliest attack whereas the Chief Minister of Balochistan Aslam Raisani has expressed his grief and sorrow and asked the authorities concerned to take stern against what he described as "culprits involved in this heinous" crime.

The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) has claimed the responsibility of the attack on FWO camp and vowed to carry out such attacks in future. The BLF has warned other such Companies to stop working in Balochistan against the will of Baloch people.

It is pertinent to mention that the Baloch resistance Organisations including BLA, BLF and BRA have time and time again warned the Pakistani and other International investment companies to stop working in occupied Balochistan until the Baloch people regain their sovereign status and free themselves from the yoke of foreign invaders. They have also been urging the Baloch Nation to stay away from these companies and government infrastructures because the Baloch resistance Organisations will attack them whenever they see the opportunity to do so.

http://www.balochwarna.com/modules/ne ... =Foreign+companies+warned

http://www.balochwarna.com/modules/ne ... =Foreign+companies+warned

http://www.balochwarna.com/modules/ne ... =Foreign+companies+warned

http://www.balochwarna.com/modules/ne ... storyid=3096&keywords=BLF

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