Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Five Baluch were hanged today in Kerman

Five Baluch who have been in the Persian jail in Kerman for last five years and sentenced to death by Shiite judge were hanged today in Kerman.  According to human right activists from inside Iran and a news paper report;
1-Nezar Mohammad Shah Bakhesh s/o Dadolah,
 2-Nematallah shah Bakhesh s/o Assad,
3-Abdullah shah Bakhesh, s/o Wali Mohammad,
4-Abdul Rahmen Shah Bahkesh s/o Yousef,
 5- Saleh notezai were taken off a bus on their way to Kerman five years ago. According to human right activists inside Iran the five men were innocents and committed no crime and they were Iranian citizen and had never broken the Iranian laws.  Their only crime  they were Baluch, Sunni, and belong to the Baluch warriors’ tribes.

Iran is a Shiite majority state ruled according to Shiite doctrine. The Baluch are Sunni and speak a different language from Persian. The Baluch in the western Baluchistan (Iran) regard Iranian as an occupier. The Baluch are resisting the Persian occupation and there have been low level of nationalists and religious arms conflicts in the western Baluchistan between the Baluch and government forces.

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