Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Baluchistan is burning, the Baluchistan chief minister has arrived in London

Baluchistan is burning, the people of Baluchistan are been killed more than a hundred a day and the Baluchistan chief minister has arrived in London.

The Baluch have been pain in the Islamabad elite’s throats since the annexation of Baluchistan into Pakistan in the 1948. The people in the Middle East and south Asia generally are tribal and sectarian people. The tribal and religious loyalties are strong than a loyalty to a state.

Pakistan is a failed state; the Pakistan’s institutions have collapsed. The traditional institutions are the sources of security, justice, economic in Pakistan. The people are reliant upon a tribe, religion sect, feudal landlord, even gangs for security.

Pakistan has survived because there are not strong forces that could push Pakistan aside and replace it. The Islamic Jihadi group are strong in Pakistan but they are not challenging the existence of Pakistan.  The Islamic Jihadi group want to take over the state power and turn it to Jihadi paradise.

Pakistan has continued to use the British policy of divide and rule and Baluchistan provided fertile ground for Punjab elites to rule over the Baluch. The tribal chiefs have always jealously guarded their autonomous status throughout the history.

After the 1948 annexation of Baluchistan into Pakistan the Pakistani elites had tried may be succeeded to isolate the khanate and used force to crush the supporters of khan of kalat in 1948, 1958-62 and rewarded those tribes joined Pakistan against the khanate of kalat. Pakistan has used police of reward and punishments in 1972 to 1980 and again between 1980 and 1992 to isolate nationalist forces.

  Now the Baluch struggle has arrived at very decisive moment and the Baluch have succeeded to keep momentum in their favour the world is just about to listen to the Baluch but the world do not pay that much attention the Baluch cause deserve, the Baluch still have long way to go.
Pakistan elites are also working hard to derail the Baluchistan struggle for liberation. The use of military power against the Baluch has been visible to the world but their soft power to counter the Baluch is less visible. The Pakistani may has devised new strategy to divide the Baluch and isolate committed leadership.

Mehrab. Sarjov

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