Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Where is the National Party and Baluchistan national party standing?

Death eventually come to us all, but some people die for the Baluch nation glory and country, some people die for personal monetary gain.

The BNP and NP activists have been actives for the wrong reasons. It has been established again and again the NP and BNP are the part of colonial rule in Baluchistan. Senators, city administrators, parliamentarian under the foreigner rules, are the colonial subordinators. They cannot be the part of independence struggle unless the give up the state privileges, they have a claim to be a nationalist, but they are dishonest with their fantasy supporters, ethnicity for them is the votes bank nothing more.

Baluchistan has been divided and occupied by the force, only the force could liberate the nation that is stronger or more organised, and backed by legitimate claim and supported by the Baluch masses and external interests. So far the NP and BNP leaderships have not been the force of the mobilisation for Baluch national good. There is always a right time for the struggle for independence.
One should give up personal ambition, for the national glory. The Pakistan security forces are killing the Baluch they do not recognise the internal division among the Baluch; they kill whoever they think is the immediate and long term threat to Pakistan colonial rule.

The NP and BNP elites are nationalists as long as nationalism is the source to put them in power. They have no objection as long as nationalism claims serve their purpose; they distance themselves from nationalism when the nationalist claim the separate state of their own.

The NP and BNP as the organisations never support independent Baluchistan, they are well aware from the fact that they may lose the positions they are holding in undivided Pakistan. They have played the public sentiments for their advantages well, but the nationalist consciousness demands homeland, the BNP has been slow to react to the public demands.

The state, Pakistan has created calibrators in order to enforce Punjabi colonial rules, the Baluch tax collectors, DCO, Intelligence police, judiciary, police and army officers subordinated the Punjab colonial rules in Baluchistan. Police, judiciary, army, tax collectors are the instruments of suppression.

They are the state agents, the state cannot maintain it rule over the Baluch without the BNP, NP’ calibration and active support. The BNP provide legitimacy for Pakistan rule on Baluch and also claim to struggle for the Baluch causes at the same time, which side they are honest independent Baluchistan or Pakistan?

The BNP has more side kicker than the NP. BNP has established some connection with the Arab states. The Arab Gulf States the only countries remains to support Pakistan unconditionally. The connection with the Arab could be a lucrative business deal if the BNP would have elected to the chief ministerial position. The BNP has succeeded where Pakistan failed in dividing the Baluch Diasporas. The Arab already shown interest in the oil drilling in Baluchistan may have already working on small projects.

The NP is trusted by Pakistan establishment, but the NP lacks the confidence and legitimacy in the Baluch public eyes, the NP has always been subservient and provides verbal legitimacy to Pakistan rule. The NP has a tall claim to be a progressive political organisation, but it is not honest claim they are third world communist leftover from Soviet Union with the strong tribal amalgam.

The BNP had been in power and as an organisation can raise funds and has financed well organised covert campaign against the Baluch struggle for independence. The BNP and NP are willing to go a long way to discredit the struggle for independence unless the leaderships were restrained by its activists.

The BNP has bought the loyalty and willing to do it again among greedy activists who are willing to turn jacket as the good Pakistan do all the times. The BNP is clever and experienced enough to create enough confusion and the NP with Pakistani journalists from Baluchistan will be there to provide propaganda against the struggle for independent.
Be aware from the BNP snake charmer.


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