Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Support the campaign for Independent Baluchistan

Wherever you live become a representative for the campaign for an independent Baluchistan. Pro-Iranian federalist may tell you that “Iran is strong and the Baluch are weak therefore the Baluch cannot defeat the Iranian”. They tell people who have sympathy for an independent Baluchistan in private that the federalist is a step toward Independent Baluchistan.They are not telling the truth. 

They are saying the same to Iranian and other foreign pro-Iranian groups, we are not separatist.
 The federalists Iranian including the Baluch Federalist want to reform the Iranian constitution for a stronger Iran. The federalists are the Iranian’s safety valves to stop Iran from disintegrate into 6 or 7 independent states. 

Some country and interest groups assess them as a fast way for regime change in Iran. The Federalist and Mullahs demand is the Iranian constitution reform in which they could share power with Persian and Shiite.

 The Campaign for independent Baluchistan tell them and the world that all occupying powers are by definition weak when they face a hostile occupied nation and Iranian occupied forces in Baluchistan are not different.

The pro- Iran federalist (Mullah, ex-communists, Monarchist) Baluch are part of the Iranian elite who are justifying the Persian occupation of Baluchistan. The Baluch will not achieve their economy, prosperity inside Iran. The Baluch inside Iran will lose their language to Persian and the religion to Shiite. It is evidently clear, the Most sunny Mullah have supported the Shiite Tehran genocide in Syria. A slave is always slave mentally or physically.

Mehrab. D. Sarjov is a Baluch political activist based in London campaign for an independent Baluchistan.