Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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'Kill and Dump' Mafia Turns to Extortion - Story: @BalaachMarri

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    “We know where your missing son is,” the caller said on the phone. “And we can help him rejoin family. You'll just have to cooperate with us.” The caller paused as someone whispered into his ear.

    “Please do!” the family interrupted apprehensively. He then introduced himself as ‘Zakria Mohd Hasni’ and the second caller as ‘Zulfiqar Mohd Hasni.’

    “Mohammad is in FC/ISI custody,” he continued. “They want 5 million Rupees for his release.” The family said that it would be almost impossible for them to arrange such a huge sum of money.

    “That's none of our business,” Zakria said. “You see, if you fail to arrange the money within next 3 days, FC will declare Mohammad a rebel and his body will be dumped.” The family asked for a meeting with an FC or ISI official who could provide them with assurance that their son would be released. He did not agree saying that the FC just wanted the money. The family then demanded to see Mohammad first, before they arrange for the ransom. 

    “Do not try to reach for help. Otherwise you, too, will be killed,” Zakria replied before hanging up. 

    Mohammad was abducted by masked men on August 18th, 2013 near Arbaab Complex, Khuzdar. His family had not heard any news of his whereabouts until this phone call. 

    With a poor family and non-political background, Mohammad worked as a waiter in a local teahouse where he spent most of his day time. 

    Mohammad's family made it to Maula Baksh Mohd Hasni's residence in Katthan where Zakria had agreed to let the family meet their son. They were offered tea on arrival, it was Maula Baksh himself, his sons Zakria and Zulfiqar and three masked men. The family was told if they wanted a face-to-face meeting with Mohammad, they would have to pay 1 million rupees in advance. The family begged to see Mohammad and said that they were unable to arrange for the money. They were asked to leave and wait for Mohammad's dead body. 

    Less than a week after the meeting, local geeks notified Mohammad's family of a Facebook account that appeared to show a picture of the kidnapped Mohammad. Family curiously managed it to the nearest internet café. In one of the uploaded pics, they found Mohammad hung upside down in an apparent torture cell where a long-haired man posed pointing an AK-47 at him. This is Zakria, the shocked family identified, Mohammad was alive! But in serious trouble. 


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