Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March reaches Wadh, Balochistan

<a href='http://balochwarna.com/features/articles.40/Enforced-Disappearances-and-extra-judicial-killings-Systematic-Genocide-in-Balochistan.html'>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>

Khuzdar :

The protest march of families of Baloch missing Persons lead by Qadeer Baloch, Farzana Majeed Baloch and others reached to Wadh town of Balochistan on Thursday, after walking for 12 days – 371km.

A large number of people welcomed the VBMP long march team upon their arrival to the town. The VBMP started their protest march against enforced-disappearances on 27 October from Quetta – Karachi.

Addressing the participants of protests and others who had gathered to welcome the march, Qadeer Baloch, said that the VBMP has embarked on a very difficult journey and have faced many difficulties but the support and encouragement of people on the way have been so overwhelming which keeps them going.

Qadeer Baloch: “We have taken this decision of long march from Quetta – Karachi to record our peaceful protest so that the international community and media takes notice of the on-going human rights violations, extra-judicial killings and enforced-disappearances in Balochistan.”

He further said that the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons will decide their future course of action after they arrive in Karachi.

Earlier the VBMP team has released a video where the participants are seen chanting slogans for release of their loved ones and carrying portraits of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists. The rally also called upon international human rights organisations including the United Nations to take notice of extra judicial killings and abductions of Baloch activist by Pakistani security agencies.


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