Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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BSO-Azad releases the Human rights report of the first Quarter of 2012 in Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: The largest and most active Baloch student Organisation, BSO-Azad, in Balochistan has released the report of on-going Human Rights Violation of first four months of the 2012.

The report was published on BSO-Azad’s official website (www.sagaar.org) which explains in details the number of abductions and killings of Baloch men, women and children in past four month by Pakistani security forces. According to the report in first four months of 2012 at least 91 people were killed and 93 have been abducted by the security agencies of Pakistan. The killed victims include 82 men, 3 women and 6 children whereas 78 men, 6 women and 9 children have reportedly been abducted across Balochistan.

Baloch Student Organisation (Azad) is a student Organisation that enjoys the popular support of Baloch nation for its clear stance on independence of Balochistan. It also has branches in Norway, London and Australia.

To read the complete report released by BSO-Azad click on following link: http://sagaar.org/modules/content/index.php?id=7

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