Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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In an interview with the Balochistan Times; Baloch Student Organization (Azad) Chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch said that Pakistan’s state media is publishing false negative propaganda against the Baloch national freedom movement, often accusing foreign powers of supporting the national liberation struggle as a proxy.  Although the programs and policies which have guided the Baloch national struggle can effectively protect the movement from these types of allegations; the state controlled media does not have the journalistic freedom to present our position.
Banuk Karima Baloch said that she has traveled to Canada in order to reach out to Canadian officials and generate awareness among western nations of the severe war crimes and serious human rights violations in Balochistan.  Banuk Karima Baloch further explained that she came to Canada not for the sake of her own life, but because she holds her homeland and purpose very dear.  Banuk Karima Baloch added that it’s our responsibility to raise our voices to highlight the current situation in Balochistan to every relevant institution possible.
Banuk Karima Baloch said that the discovery of mass graves, routine dumping of mutilated bodies and enforced disappearances of political activists are just a few examples of Pakistan’s war crimes.  While the civilized world considers these to be extraordinary events; but in Pakistan, the authorities have refused to conduct the DNA tests to identify the bodies found in the Khuzdar mass graves thus preventing the waiting mothers, sisters, brothers and children from ever knowing the fate of their loved ones.  Even today, nearly a year later and the bodies from the mass graves have not been identified.
BSO-Azad chairperson Zahid Baloch was enforced-abducted by ISI and FC personnel before multiple eyewitnesses, including myself and several other friends, and was never seen again.  Despite our persistent protests, the state has refused to release Chairman Zahid Baloch.  Similarly the BSO-Azad Vice-Chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch was also abducted by State agencies.  Since his abduction in 2009, his sister and family members have spent several years protesting for his safe recovery.  In Balochistan there are thousands of families of abducted loved ones who share such painful experiences.
Another BSO-Azad member Rasool Jan Baloch was enforced-abducted by state agencies from a hostel in front of hundreds of witnesses.  His burnt and tortured body was recovered a year later.
Banuk Karima Baloch said that her primary purpose in the organization is to convey the voices of the Baloch people to the world stage.  Banuk Karima Baloch said they are struggling to gain support among journalists, lawyers, and government officials such as Members of Canadian Parliament and generate awareness of the serious issues in Balochistan; such as the abduction of political activists such as Zahid Baloch and thousands of others in Balochistan, as well as the perpetual war crimes perpetrated by the state military forces.
Banuk Karima Baloch further explained that Pakistan definitely involved in international terrorism; Pakistan is cultivating these terrorists.  Banuk Karima Baloch cited the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California (USA) as the latest examples of the types of extremists Pakistan is brewing. Meanwhile Pakistan has received huge amounts of money under the pretense of fighting terrorism.  But given Pakistan’s direct role in past and current events; no one can deny the fact that the Pakistan itself is the very cause of religious extremism.
Banuk Karima Baloch further expressed her incomprehension as to why the civilized countries do not acknowledge the Baloch national liberation movement.  Especially considering many countries have provided Pakistan with considerable funds to fight terrorism with no substantial results.  Until a free and secular independent Baloch nation is established; Pakistan will remain a permanent threat to world peace.
Banuk Karima Baloch said that despite the looming threat Pakistan poses to international security, China and continue to invest billions of dollars with them.   The fact that China is not alarmed or at all concerned that their investments are being misused to cause damage and suffering to the innocent civilians in Balochistan indicates that China’s actual agenda in Balochistan is to gain military leverage in the region through control of the highly strategic Baloch territory.
In response to a question regarding the role of Baloch women in the struggle, Banuk Karima Baloch said that all Baloch women who are somehow involved in the Baloch struggle for independence are role models because they have endured extreme hardships & adversity in Pakistan.

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