Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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An open letter to international human rights Organisations

<a href='http://balochwarna.com/features/articles.40/Enforced-Disappearances-and-extra-judicial-killings-Systematic-Genocide-in-Balochistan.html'>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>
by Dr Hammal Baloch
I am writing to draw you attention toward inequality and human right violation in occupied Balochistan on the International Day of Human Rights.

Since, 2003, thousands of ethic Baloch have been abducted by Pakistan military in occupied Balochistan. The human rights violations, especially the enforced-disappearances and unlawful killings continue to increase with each coming month. According to some estimates around 500 mutilated bodies of abducted Baloch have been found in 2013 only.

Most of the victims belong to well-educated and highly conscious section of Baloch society including student activists, doctors, journalists, lawyers and musician and poets. The people killed in custody are called victims of state’s ‘kill and dump’ policy. Under this policy the state forces abducted anyone at any time and detain them for months and year before killing them in custody and dumping their bodies.

More 15000 are stilling missing until this time, the relatives of kill and dump victims blame Pakistani secretes agency I.S.I and FC (Frontier Corps) for whisking away their relatives and killing them in custody. The abducted Baloch are often arrested and disappeared in front of their relatives or off-loaded from passenger busses before the eyes of other fellow travellers.

Recently Pakistan has crossed all stages of cruelty by worst approach towards Baluch victims when there was earthquake at 24th September in Awaran, Baluchistan, which was 7.7 on richter scale in the magnitude. About 95 % mud brick houses in collapsed because of this deadly earthquake and more the five hundred thousand people were affected.

People in the quake area still continue to suffer because of lack of attention and barring of international aid agencies. Pakistan Pakistani Army took advantages from this disaster and began military offensives to target Baloch political activists. All other international relief Organisations and NGOs did want to approach for relief and rehabilitation but were not allowed by Pakistani Army and federal government.

According to M.S.F ( Medicines san Frontiers) “Since the first earthquake struck on September 24, MSF has been in dialogue with different officials with a view to getting teams and supplies into the Awaran area,” explained operations manager Chris Lockyear.

He added: “Yet the government of Pakistan has still not granted us authorization to enter. It’s crucial that the authorities allow impartial humanitarian assistance into the Awaran area in order to respond to any unmet needs.”

Balochistan, where MSF is already working, is one of the most impoverished areas of Pakistan and has some of the worst health indicators in the country. Malnutrition rates are already high in a number of areas, making children especially vulnerable to illnesses like malaria and those brought on by poor hygienic conditions.

“The health indicators are already poor in Balochistan,” says Lockyear. “We’re concerned that for the people there. The impact of the earthquake will have made the situation worse.”

On the other hand, the terrible war – military operations, recovery daily dead bodies of young innocent activists, kidnapping and torture to death by Pakistan army and her agency ISI still continues unabated.

It is extremely pitiable that the International Human Rights Organisations and UN Human Rights Commission has, so far, failed to take any concrete steps to end the slow motions genocide of Baloch nation by Pakistan.

I herewith, wish to request the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Working Groups on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, the European Parliament and the rest of the civilized world to take notice of on-going human rights violations in Balochistan. It is high time that the international community hears the plea of Baloch nation for freedom and justice. 

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