Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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International community should intervene immediately

We (B.S.O. Azaad) fear that Baloch abductees in Pakistan’s torture cells would be killed in accordance with the “new” state policies towards the abducted Balochs therefore we demand immediate intervention of the International Human Rights organizations and international community on the matter of Baloch abductees in order to stop an expected execution of the Baloch elders, children, women and youth in the torture cells run by Pakistan army. The possibilities that the Balochs in army cells would be killed have increased and the torture tactics in the cells have also been made more fatal. The silence of the international community has already caused the death of Ghulaam Muhammed, the president of B.N.M., Sher Muhammed, Lala Munir and Rasool Baksh Mengal and if such silence is continued then Pakistan would kill each Baloch abductee one after another. There are immense threats to the lifes of Zakir Majeed, the senior vice chairman B.S.O. Azaad and Jalil Rieki and any harm to the Balochs in the army torture cells would result in the insecurity of the international interests in Balochistan.

Cenral Statement Of B.S.O. Azaad

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