Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Appeal to Pakistan: Release the Norwegian-baloch human rights activist Mr Ehsan Arjmandi

Appeal to Pakistan: Release the Norwegian-baloch human rights activist Mr Ehsan Arjmandi

Mr Ehsan Arjmandi a Norwegian-Baloch politician and human rights activist was arrested on 7th August 2009 by the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). He went to Pakistan from Norway for a couple of weeks to visit his family members in Turbat and Mand district of Balochistan (Pakistan). Mr Arjomandi is a Baloch from western Balochistan which is occupeid by Iran and having dual nationality of Iran and Norway.

According to his relatives and other sources in Pakistan he has been arrested when he was travelling from Mand to the port city of Karachi.

Som fellow passengers who were eyewitnesses said that their bus was halted bye som armed men. The passangers were interrogated one by one. After a few questions to Mr. Arjmandi they put blindfold on him and took him away to unknown location.

Mr Arjmandi has been an active human rights campaigner in Norway who appeared in the newspapers and magazines with his pictures. He has criticized the Iranian and Pakistani regimes repression and cruelty of apartheid-like policies against the baloch people.

We are concern for his life and safety. There is a real risk that the Pakistani regime will hand, Mr Arjmandi, over to the Iranian authorities. The reason is that Pakistan and Iran have extradition treaties that allow them to exchange Baloch political prisoners. As I mennstioned above Mr Arjmandi originally comes from the Iranian occupied part of Balochestan and he is iranian citizen.

The Pakistani government has in recent years extradited many baloch's political and human rights refugees and activists to the Iranian regime who have been tortured bye Iran and many of them executed. Som of them were executed in last monthes in the city of Zahedan the capital town of western Balochestan.

We appeal to Amnesty International, the international community and specialy the Norwegian government to do your utmost for immediate and unconditional release of Mr Ehsan Arjmandi.

Kind Regards

M. Baloch

Baloch Community - Sweden

Göteborg 2009-08-10

Contact: Baloch.community.se@gmail.com

Copy to:

1. Foreign department of Norway
2. The swedish government and political parties
3. Amnesty International
4. Human Rights Watch
5. International Red Cross