Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Baloch nationalist commander Bangulzai is alive

QUETTA: Baloch Nationalist Commander Abdul Nabi Bangulzai released a video to an international outlet to announce that he is alive and well.
In his video message Bangulzai, the alleged United Baloch Army Commander ,stated that Balochistan Government did not kill him as stated during the press conference on April 9.
He said that the people killed during the operation were hippies migrating to warmer regions of Balochistan and Narmuk area. He added that he is alive and well with his accomplices.
Interior Minister of Balochistan Sarfaraz Bugti in his reaction to the video said that Security Agencies carried out the operation on the intelligence report of Bangulzai’s presence in the camp.
Bugti further stated that any armed militia personnel or commander working to destabilize Balochistan would be gunned down sooner or later, however they are welcome to work with the Government for betterment of Balochistan.

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