Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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28 May: Baloch Community London to protest against Pakistan’s nuclear tests

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London : 

The Baloch Community London announced to organise a protest demonstration in front of British Parliament on 28 May 2013. The protest will coincide with the 15th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear blast in Balochistan on 28 May 1998. 

The protest will be held outside British Parliament close to West Minister underground station from 4pm – 6pm. The organisers of the protest have appealed the Baloch activists and other human rights campaigners who are against nuclear arms race to join the protest. 

They also appealed the British and other international media to help Baloch people raise their voice against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in Balochistan. 

It is pertinent to mention that on 28 May 1998 Pakistan conducted six nuclear tests in Balochistan. These nuclear tests were conducted in Raas Koh area of Chaghai district in Balochistan. 

The explosions reportedly yielded 52 KT (kilotons) of radiotoxic nuclide. The tests impacts have been disastrous in terms of human costs; loss of livestock and environment. For instance, water has become contaminated and new born babies are affected with mysterious diseases. People in the region suffer from cancer, skin and eye complications. 

This inhumane act carried out by Pakistani state in complete secrecy without the knowledge of Baluch people and political leadership.

The blasts were conducted during Nawaz Sharif’s era in 1998. This year also the protests in Balochistan and abroad are coinciding with Nawaz Sharif’s success in election. 

The Baloch Community London appealed the Baloch Diaspora in other countries to organise protest demonstration and meeting to spread awareness about the effect of Pakistan’s nuclear test on Baloch people. 

Baloch National Voice, Baloch Liberation Struggle, the Baloch Salvation Front and Baloch Student Organisation-Azad have also announced protests and meetings on 28 May in Balochistan. In their separate statement they urged the Baloch nation to observe this day as a “Day of Mourning” and organise public events to express their dislike for nuclear weapons. 


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