Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Louise Marguerite Bridge, Balochistan (1889)

Louise Marguerite Bridge, Balochistan (1889)
hThis is one of Fred Bremner's best known images, showing the bridge named after the Duchess of Connaught who opened it in 1887.
An impressive feat of engineering, Bremner described it as: "the most interesting view on the Sind-Pishin Railway... the whole scene being rugged in the extreme, and conveying to passengers an impression of great danger". By including figures in the foreground of the image Bremner gives a sense of the immense scale.
The nineteenth century saw British Imperial expansion and photographers were perfectly placed to document this process. Bremner produced several photographs, often as commissions, which captured the Indian subcontinent as it was changing.
Today, the bridge no longer exists, the railway line having been closed in 1942.
- Courtesy The National Gallery of Scotland
- See more at: http://www.thefridaytimes.com/beta3/tft/article.php…
— med Nasser Boladai och 48 andra.

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