Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Continuous struggle of Baloch nation has brought Pakistan closer to its defeat: Hyrbyair Marri

London :

Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement from London paid rich tributes to Mehrab Khan Baloch, who was killed by Pakistani forces in Quetta on Friday (31/05/2013). He said instead of surrendering before the army of enemy Mehrab Khan Baloch preferred martyrdom while defending the sanctity of his home.

“Mehrab Khan Baloch’s bravery against Pakistani forces is a clear message to the occupying state that despite using its full might it cannot stop the Baloch struggle for liberation. Today every Baloch is ideologically armed and ready to face the occupying forces,” Hyrbyair Marri said.

He said Mehrab Khan was an experienced and courageous Baloch political activist who sacrificed his life for betterment of future generations of Baloch nation. “His martyrdom is a message to all of us that we should make every effort to force the occupying Pakistani forces out of our homeland,” Said Mr Marri adding that it was a known fact that struggles can break the chains of slavery and occupation. Similarly, struggle of Mehrab Khan, Martyrs of Mongchar and other liked minded Baloch friends has accelerated the process of awareness among Baloch people and it is weakening the roots of Pakistani occupation.

Hyrbyair Marri further said that seeing its demise on door step Pakistan was now trying to use so called some individuals middle class as middle men to prolong its occupation whereas in the past Pakistan used sardars and Nawabs for this purpose. He said, “The occupying state is using religious fundamentalists and criminals as its spies to hurt the Baloch pro-freedom activists. Those working against their own Baloch people for few perks will fail. Recently a so called nationalist was invited from abroad to Pakistan to gains few seats but the Baloch nation has completely rejected him and now he is shedding crocodile tear over his defeat.”

He said these few so called middle class individuals, Sardar and Nawabs, and state sponsored death squads should learn from the history of Bengali beharis who were used against Bangladeshi people by Pakistan but later it shunned them. Today they’re living a miserable life under miserable conditions. The Baloch leaders said, “If Pakistan was a good Muslim country then the Bengalis would not have separated from it. Pakistan cannot hide its evilness by adding the word “Pak” which means pure to its name.”

Mr Marri said that Pakistani military started an offensive operation in Mongachar, Isplinji, Johan, Kabo and other areas, which is reportedly still continued. During the operation several houses of innocent people have been set on fire, two Baloch youth were killed and dozens were arrested and taken away. Paying homage to martyrs of Mongachar, Hyrbyair said brave nations endured brutalities for freedom, prosperity and bright future of their countries. Baloch nation will also gain their freedom because of the sacrifices and struggle of their brave youth. He said the continuous struggle of Baloch nation has brought Pakistan closer to its defeat and has psychologically paralysed it, adding that, “The demoralised state and its hired soldiers are now looking for escape routes.”

The Baloch patriot leader said unabated recovery of the mutilated bodies of Baloch youth from Karachi and different areas of Balochistan illustrates that the new government of Pakistan and their handpicked people in Balochistan will follow the course of their predecessors to become partners in crime of the Pakistani state and hide its crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

He said as the Baloch nation rejected Pakistani parliamentary elections and proved their strong relation with pro-freedom forces. Similarly, we will deliver the message of Baloch people according to their wishes to the international community.

Mr Marri said the best revenge for the suffering of Baloch people is to continue the freedom struggle. “Hence, we should use the mandate of Baloch nation wisely and honestly and unite for national liberation. We should give a clear message to our people in Balochistan and to the international community that Baloch people are struggling for independence and they have nothing to do with Pakistani parliament and other institutions.”

He appealed to the Baloch nation to support those Baloch activists who are struggling honestly and in an organised way for the freedom of Balochistan.

The Baloch leader demanded from the international democratic powers to support Baloch struggle against Pakistani occupation and break their silence on Pakistani barbarism and raise voice against Baloch genocide.


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