Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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History of Baloch

Traveler and geographer Al-Biruni 's map shows Makran located between Fars and Al-Hind.
Baloch at War with Ghaznavids
The relation between Ghaznavids and the Baloch had never been peaceful. Turan and Makran came under the Ghaznavids founder Sebuktegin's suzerainty as early as AD 976-977 ( Bosworth,1963). The Baloch tribes fought against Sebuktegin when he attacked Khuzdar in AD 944. The Baloch were in the army of Saffarids Amir Khalaf and fought against Mahmud when the Ghaznavids forces invaded Sistan in AD 1013 (Munir, 1924). Many other occasions were mentioned by the historians of the Ghaznavids era in which the Baloch came into confrontation with the Ghaznavids forces ( Nizam al-Mulk,1960). Masud, son of Mahmud attacked Kerman and occupied it for a period of two years in AD 1034 and 1035 (Bosworth, 1963). The Baloch resisted the occupation of Kerman by Ghaznavids as an ally of local ruler. The Baloch engaged the Ghaznavids forces under the command of Masud three times, and in one of the encounters, they were able to defeat the Ghaznavids contingent under the command of Masud but were defeated in the follwing two. The encounter of the Baloch with the Ghaznavids had been mentioned by Nizam-al Mulk in his famous book Siyasat Nama. During the reign of Masud several expeditions were sent to deal with the issue of ever hostile Baloch. It appears that while finding it hard to subjugate the Baloch in classical ways of fighting the Ghaznavids ruler resorted to the poisoning of the Baloch, A caravan of poisoned apples on camels back were purposely sent through Kerman desert. The court historian of Ghaznavid rulers including Nizam al-Mulk, proudly stated the Baloch attacked the caravan and devoured the apples as hungry wolves. The poison acted as an epidemic and exterminated a great number of them.

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