Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that on November 13, 1839 during the 107 year long battle against the British occupiers, the Khan of Kalat, Mir Mehrab Khan Baloch fought against the British invaders and embraced martyrdom along with his colleagues defending the Baloch traditional homeland. The spokesperson added that; In Balochistan countless Baloch have sacrificed their lives fighting in defense of the Baloch homeland during the thousands of years of occupation of Baloch territories by numerous invaders including the Portuguese, the British, the Persians, and today the Pakistanis.  Soon after establishment of an independent Baloch state on August 11, 1947 and subsequent annexation by Pakistan the Baloch immediately resisted occupation.
So far, thousands of Baloch women, children, and youth have offered their sacred blood as martyrs in the struggle for freedom.  Their sacrifices have undermined the roots of Pakistan’s geo-political agendas and international profiteering in Balochistan. The Baloch people’s spirit of selfless dedication to the national liberation movement has unnerved the Occupier States Forces and their fear has driven them to conduct a genocide of the Baloch. Despite Pakistan’s ruthlessly enforced occupation the Baloch people strive to honor the great sacrifices of their martyrs and the struggle against occupation is constantly gaining momentum.
The BSO-Azad spokesperson said that the Pakistan’s is using their global relations and international investments to continue the exploitation of Balochistan and fund genocidal military operations in many areas of Balochistan.  Recently in Kharan, Besima, Raghai and numerous other areas of Balochistan, State Forces are burning hundreds of homes and have kidnapped dozens of defenseless people; they are being taken away by State Security Forces and never seen again.  Every day more and more displaced Baloch civilians are left homeless by the military operations, with no food, water, or shelter to suffer and starve in the wilderness.
To satisfy the agendas of their international partners such as China, Iran and other foreign investors, Pakistan has endeavored to eliminate the Baloch national liberation movement.  In addition to the violent military operations by regular state armed forces, religious extremists, drug dealers, death squads and other sinister groups have been unleashed on the Baloch people by the occupier state in an effort to weaken the Baloch freedom struggle.  The occupier state has also recruited regional “Warlords” as well as local informants and intelligence agents to counter the independence movement.
The BSO-Azad spokesperson urged all Balochistan to commemorate the memory of the Baloch martyrs on November 13, 2015 by observing the shutter-down strikes, suspending business activity and transport.  All zones are directed to organize references and seminars on Baloch Martyrs Day, November 13th to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Baloch freedom.

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