Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Balochistan minister condemns closure of Save the Children

Balochistan minister condemns closure of Save the Children

* Baloch flays federal government for ‘bizarre’ policies towards Balochistan

QUETTA: Balochistan Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch on Sunday condemned the suspension of Save the Children in Balochistan and demanded that the prime minister take notice in this regard.

Addressing a news conference along with civil society members at the Quetta Press Club, Baloch said stopping Save the Children from carrying out its humanitarian activities is a part of huge conspiracy to keep the province backward.

“The funds which were supposed to be spent on Balochistan and KP’s education sector via Save the Children now have been transferred to Sindh and Punjab provinces which is a clear injustice to the smaller and backward provinces,” he told the reporters.

He appealed to the PM to take notice of the closure of the INGO in Balochistan.

“This international non-profit organisation has played a significant role to improve the child education and improve the health of the children in poverty-stricken Balochistan,” Rehmat said. “Why is only Balochistan being victimised?” he questioned. “This international NGO is working in other provinces which are already in advance in terms of education and health.”

He said the closure of Save the Children would not be accepted at any level since it is significantly contributing in child health and education, which are in precarious condition in Balochistan.

“I personally appeal to Prime Minister of Pakistan to take notice of this serious issue and allow this organization to functional in Balochistan in the best interest of the country.”

Health Minister said there are laws, which should be implemented with letter and spirit while the closure is not justified at any reason.

“The international organizations should operate under the law of the land but still no one can justify the suspension of their activity,” he said in plain words.

He said the organisation is running malaria-controlled programme in 14 districts, which have not been affected due to its closure.

“I would say closing Save the Children is tantamount to damaging the interest of the country and serving to enemy. We consider this move against the Pakistan.”

Baloch has said that provincial government has not been given powers to make agreements with international organisation despite the 18th Amendment to the constitution.

To a question, Baloch said his department is receiving lesser funds for the Extended Programme for the Immunization (EPI).

“The Health Department of Balochistan used to get Rs 70 million from the federal government for EPI but now we are getting merely Rs 0.7 million,” he said while flaying the federal government for its bizarre policies towards Balochistan.


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