Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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The Persian start believing on their own lies

In today’s an uneven world some nations have more power than others depend on their sheer size and development. After the First World War few states headed the international order including some major states and minor nations.

Over the epoch, Persian has sought domination in the international system. But International relations are always changing with status of great powers. The collapse of Soviet Union, the Arab Gulf States with their huge national wealth and their increased influences in the international community and the raise of china have challenged the Persian domination on the Gulf and Iran plateau. There is peace and relative stability in Iran as long as the Persian a dominant group in Iran and their co-religious allies maintain firm control of the political, economic, and security and rules of conduct.

The biggest challenge to Persian dominated Iran will emerge from the unsatisfied non-Persian populations of Iran in which their human dignity and their existence have been ignored for too long. This has occurred in the age of free access to information. The non-Persian populations of Iran in general and the Baluch in particular are trying to make efforts to challenge the Persian occupation of Baluchistan and to shape Iran’s boundaries.

In the first quarter of 20th century the Persian expended their boundaries into Baluchistan beyond their historical boundaries. The Persian expansionist idea has brought them into conflict with the Baluch, Kurd and Arab. Conflicts will break out between the Persian and non Persian populations of Iran because the Persian start believing on their own lies and the Persian are unable to settle their differences between their external and internal Challengers.

M. Sarjov is a political activist based in London


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