Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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World powers stand behind BRP representative at UN against China-Pak attempt to silence him

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Geneva: Baloch Republican Party carried out a mass awareness campaign during 34th regular session of United Nation Human Rights council from March 6 to 23 March in Geneva. The occasion was attended by oppressed, subjugated nations all around the world as well as representatives of all member state of the UN, and at the same time BRP organized an awareness campaign aimed at highlighting and exposing atrocities and Baloch genocide at the hands of the Pakistan army.
BRP leaders and activists started the awareness campaign on March 7 by providing information pamphlets to different diplomats and NGOS at UN, informing them about Human Rights abuses and state atrocities in Balochistan. The party activists continued the campaign for five consecutive days at the UN where different representatives of UN and other member states were informed about the worsening situation of Balochistan. People were disgusted by the criminality of the Pakistan army and condemned those action in strongest term possible.
Moreover, Baloch Republican Party carried out a mass protest rally on special occasion of international Women’s day on March 8, in city of Geneva. Large numbers of Party activists and sympathizers participated in the protest, the rally was headed by Baloch national leader and President of Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti.
The main objective of the rally was to highlight and raise awareness about killings and abductions of Baloch women at the hands of Pakistani army. During the rally, Party activists chanted slogans against, abduction and killings of Baloch women, silence of United Nation, Pakistani barbarities, and China-Pak Economic corridor. Booklets were also distributed among the People to raise awareness about current situation in Balochistan. 
Furthermore on March 10, Member of Human Right Wing of Baloch Republican Party, Hakeem Wadhela Baloch, delivered a statement during the UN session and exposed Human Right violation, sever torture, abuses against Baloch people as well as demanding a UN special rapporteur to investigate the current situation in Balochistan.
A side event was also held at UN where BRP representative at UNHRC Abdul Nawaz Bugti, president of American Friends Of Balochistan, Ahmar Mustikhan, BRP activist Hakeem Wadhela and two representative from Africa expressed their views and informed the audience about the ongoing atrocities in Balochistan. The negative impact of the CPEC on Balochistan and ongoing Baloch genocide in the name of so-called development were also highlighted by the participants during the event.
Later After question and answers session, MQM leader while condemning the continued Pakistani terrorism in Balochistan in their comments, said that Baloch people have the right to live freely according to their own will. “Stopping the Pakistani army’s brutalities must be the top priority of the United Nation” said Kashmiri leader Shaukat Ali while supporting Baloch freedom struggle.
BRP activists and central members of the party held discussion with Baloch leader and founder of BRP Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti.
Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti appreciated efforts of party activists and said that we should work hard to advance the Baloch national freedom movement and should play effective role to free our people from slavery and should turn the dream of an independent state of Balochistan into reality.
During the 34th UN session, BRP representative at UNHRC, in his statement at UN urged world to raise voice against continuous oppression of Baloch people in Balochistan and International community should speak on Balochistan’s issue before it’s too late. During his last speech in the session, Abdul Nawaz Bugti of Baloch Republican Party was interrupted by a representative of Pakistani government when he was talking about so-called China Pakistan Economic Corridor. China also supported Pakistan’s stance & asked the council to expunge BRP representative’s remarks. Delegation of United States of America,United Kingdom, Norway, Netherland and Canada rejected the point of order by Pakistan and China and allowed the BRP representative to complete his statement. Pakistani delegation interrupted for the second time but the US delegation backed Abdul Nawaz Bugti & he was allowed to conclude his speech.
Abdul Nawaz Bugti said in his statement that Pakistan and China claim to bring development in the name of CPEC, but is proving to be a map of death and destruction for Baloch and Balochistan. “Since the agreements between China and Pakistan in 2015, hundreds of thousands of Baloch people have been forcefully displaced from their hometowns along the CPEC route. 12,000 army personnel deployed on the security are basically paving the way for CPEC by massacring or displacing the local populace.” he said
He further said that same was happening in Dera Bugti region where Chinese and Pakistani companies are busy deep-welling for gas reserves. Gas is being exploited and taken away since 1950s while locals living within 10 kilometers of the gas plants are deprived of it and other basic facilities of life.
Concluding his statement, he said that Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif during his recent visit to Gwadar said that he was making Gwadar the “Tiger of Pakistan” through CPEC. Adding “Mr. President, i agree that CPEC is the tiger of Pakistan. A tiger that is attacking and eating our children. Please save us”

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