Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Balochistan Liberation Charter presented to Sardar Akhtar Mengal in Dubai

London/Dubai (PR): A delegation headed by Dr Mostafa (Shahsowar Baloch) called on Balochistan National Party leader, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, and presented him the Balochistan Liberation Charter for his suggestions. The delegation went to Dubai on behalf Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri, who had telephoned Akhtar Mengal prior to sending the delegation. 

The delegation met Mr Mengal on 25-02-2012 in Dubai and briefed him about the charter and the work done so far. The head of the delegation, Dr Mostafa Baloch, and BNP leader, Akhtar Mengal, discussed the current situation of Balochistan and the current rapidly changing international scenario. Akhtar Mengal told the delegation that the Charter cannot be beneficial as long as there’s lack of trust. Confidence building measures should be taken before any such documents. “Unity is must for the greater interest of Baloch people and its need of time”, Mengal said.

Replying to Akhtar Mengals views Dr Mostafa Baloch said that “We are trying confidence building and to address lack of trust through this Charter. The Charter is not just a piece of paper, it is actually our pledge and written promise with the families of Baloch martyrs and to the liberation struggle that we will carry on their mission and unite to work for the sovereignty of Baloch state.” 

Dr Baloch further said that “this charter is a document which can unite us on ideological basis under an organised programme. Baloch nation has given numerous sacrifices and suffered enormously that is why unity on the basis of ideology is more important than individual unity because ideological unity is the mechanism that can bring closer people of different schools of thought.”

Dr Mostaf Baloch said the Charter answer the very first question about the unity and the purpose for that why Baloch should unite and on what basis. Dr Baloch said the Baloch struggle has reached to a stage where the Baloch leadership need to present a clear road map to Baloch Nation and to the international community, and the Baloch National Struggle must be explained in bold and clear words to the entire civilised world. “For the purposes explained above the Baloch Liberation charter can play a Vitol role.”

Further explaining the purpose of the charter Dr Baloch said “Through this charter we inform the Baloch nation and the international community about the objective of our struggle and our future plan. We will face no difficulties to explain to the world that we wish to have a democratic system after independence, where all the citizens of Balochistan will be provided basis facilities and treated equally. The protection of every citizen rights will be guaranteed by the state of Balochistan. We wish to have mutual understanding and good relations with the civilised world.”

Dr Baloch said that from past three years Baloch activists and intellectuals have been working on the Charter. Hyrbyair has initiated the Charter but Baloch friend from Balochistan and outside Balochistan have contributed to it. The Charter has also been sent to prominent Baloch leader, Sardar Khair Bux Marri, who read and approved it. “There are two points in the Charter that cannot be changed (A) The freedom of Balochistan (B) a democratic system – one person one vote after independence. The rest of the points/articles of the charter can be modified, if need be, with valid reasons. 

The Balochistan National Party leader, Akhtar Mengal, informed the delegation about the aims and objective of his Party saying that Balochistan freedom, self-determination and Baloch nation’s political, social and economic freedom according to UN Charter was one of his party’s main objectives. He said “his Party is struggling for National Self-determination and political autonomy of Baloch people.” He said he respects any such effort that helps to empower the Baloch to determine their future. Mr Mengal said that Charter can be effective and beneficial after suggestions of national representative of Baloch tribal and political leaders, writers, poets, intellectuals, students and Political activists are able to express their views openly. 

He said it will be difficult to advance the freedom struggle without the consent of Baloch political parties and other sections of society. Mengal said initiatives relating future of Baloch nation should be well thought and supported by Baloch Nation. He said due to the sensitivity and importance of the document he will consult his party activists and other Balochs for their suggestions. Then he will be in a passion to give his views about the Charter.

Expressing his disappointment and reservations Mr Mengal said that from past several years some individuals who have no authority and say in Baloch society and neither are they connected with Baloch National struggle have been character assassinating him and his party. The propaganda against his party seems to be for appeasement and advance of the personal interests of people who are directly or indirectly claimants of free Balochistan movement. 

Mengal said Radio Gwank Sweden and Radio Balochistan (London) have been on for front in propaganda’s against his party. Mengal has made it clear that anti BNP propaganda will be regarded as anti Baloch activities. He said it was surprising that if Balochistan National Party has support of a big segment of Baloch Nation, BNP has been playing a leading role in Baloch national movement but on one had people do propaganda against our Party while on the other hand they present us Charter of Liberation, ask for our suggestions and expect help from us. He said such political differences are beyond his understanding and not acceptable. He said such propaganda have created a lack of confidence in BNP workers against these people. That is why without addressing such issue through electronic and print media political unity will be difficult. 

He told the delegation that for confidence building measures clear explanations must be given and it should be made sure that in future such anti BNP activities and propagandas will be discouraged which were aimed at criticising the leaders and workers of Balochistan National Party. 

Akhar Mengal made it clear to the delegation that although he was receiving the Liberation Charter but he is not in a passion to seek suggestions of his party and the Baloch nation until his reservation are addressed and removed. He thanked the delegation and expressed his best wishes for Hyrbyair Marri. He hoped that for the greater interest of Balochistan all Baloch political parties will unite and start a joint struggle beyond any personal interests.

Courtesy: Rado Gwank (Translated by BalochWarna)

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