Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Pakistan Electronic Media is playing role of silent partner in Baloch Genocide: BNV

Occupied Balochistan: The Baloch National Voice has announced to fully support the Baloch National Front's call for a protest shutter down and wheel jam strike on 27 March against the illegal occupation of Balochistan.

The BNV further said that the civilized world instead of listening to propaganda of occupying state must understand the gravity of Balochistan situation. Pakistan wants to eliminate the Baloch nation by terming Balochistan conflict as an internal issue of Pakistan. “The use of chemical weapons against Baloch civilian population, the in-custody killing of abducted Baloch, the target killing of Baloch influential personalities and Baloch women are clear illustration of Pakistan intentions of committing Baloch genocide.”

Pakistan's allegations that US congressional hearing on Balochistan is against UN charter is nothing but a blackmailing tactic because the entire world knows that Pakistan breached international Laws and UN charter when it forcefully occupied Balochistan and still continues Baloch massacre to keep its illegal occupation over Balochland.

The BNV maintained that Baloch are struggling in accordance with international laws and UN charter but the uncivilized enemy [Pakistan], to suppress the Baloch national struggle, has decided to commit the genocide of Baloch nation. The enemy [Pakistan] has realized that even if one Baloch is alive the Punjabi occupation over Baloch land will be impossible, that is why the occupying state is using different mediums to intensify the removal of freedom seeking Baloch.

The Baloch National Voice statement further said that Pakistan military, intelligence agencies, FC, Pakistan's parliament, bureaucracy are all equally responsible for Baloch genocide. The Pakistani judiciary, especially the supreme court of Pakistan and the chief justice of Balochistan high court are giving legal protection to Pakistani death squads. Strongly criticizing the electronic media the BNV said that the Pakistani media has continuously been ignoring the grave tragedy of Baloch genocide and proved itself to be a silent partner of the state's genocidal policies.

The BNV appeal the Baloch nation, well-wishers and sympathizers of Baloch National struggle to make the 27 March wheel jam and shutter strike successful by expressing their hatred against the unnatural state of Pakistan.

Meanwhile Baloch Women Panel (BWP) has also announced to fully support the BNF's call for protest on 27 March. The BWP urged Baloch nation to support the wheel jam and shutter down strike and prove to world that entire Balochistan is against illegal occupation of Balochistan.


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