Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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Stop the Iranian regime's bombardment of Balochistan

About ten villages have been destroyed in the heavy bombardment of the Iranian regime's security forces in northern Balochistan, near Zahedan the capital city of western Balochistan. The bombardment has started on Saturday 11th October 2008 and still ongoing. According to various sources, the regime's forces began a clash with some fighters belongs to “People's Resistance Movement of Iran” - Jundollah’s forces. Jundollah which is a guerrilla group in Balochistan argue that the Islamic regime has made it impossible for them to participate peacefully in the political process in Iran in order to achieve equal rights for the oppressed Baloch minority population. Therefore, they have started an armed struggle. Unfortunately, they are right. The regime has executed or imprisoned thousands of baloch human rights activists over the last 2-3 years. The most famous of them was Yaghub Mehrnehad a baloch journalist who was assassinated a few months ago.

After each clash between Jundollah and the Iranian security forces the regime begins the bombardment of the villages, killings of the villagers and widespread arrests of innocent civilians balochs even those who have nothing to do with the war.

The regime has done everything to prevent news of the bombardment, mass killings of villagers and their own losses reach international media. Therefore, they turned off electricity in the area as well as all telephone links. The only news they have shown through the state TV is the pictures of four dead guerrilla fighters bodies. According to Jundollah sources has forty men of the security forces have been killed and at least as many have been wounded. In addition, one of the regime's helicopters has been shot.

Baluchistan is the most backward province in Iran and the majority of the province's population are Balochs whose belongs to the Sunni branch of Islam. Therefore they are discriminated by the Shiite regime. In practice excludes the majority of Sunnis from the governmental or military jobs. They are also discriminated to access higher education at colleges and universities. Only a few manage to cross the regime's filters!

A great wave of widespread arrests of Balochs and other Sunni Muslims in Iran began after the Shiite regime demolished a Sunni mosque and school in Baluchistan near the city of Zabol at August 27, 2008.

Over the past three years, hundreds of Balochs have been executed, thousands are in prison without having the right to have a lawyer. The only crime they are accused for is that they are Balochs, belongs to the Sunni branch of Islam and not to agree to be second and third degrees of citizens.

We appeal to the, Swedish and other governments in the world, UN, Red Cross, political parties, other organizations and the media to act and to do everything you can to stop the Iranian regime's genocide of Balochs in Iran.

Baloch Community - Sweden

Stockholm 2008-10-16


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