Long live free and united Balochistan

Long live free and united Balochistan

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India can help 'diplomatically' to save Balochistan from Pakistan, self-exiled leader in UK says

Mir Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai, the current Khan of Kalat, left Pakistan in 2006 when the army killed tribal leader Akbar Bugti.

A Baloch leader, who has been in self-exile in Wales, has called for India's cooperation to help tackle the persisting issues of his tribe in the restive Pakistan region. Mir Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai said India could help "diplomatically" to lend a hand out to the people of Balochistan to achieve peace, stability and security.

Ahmedzai spoke to Hindustan Times newspaper from his home in Cardiff and told about his intention about the independence of Balochistan, which he said was annexed at gun point.

"We must explore new ways of cooperation between India and Balochistan. We can help remove the threat to India from its western border," he added.

He believes Delhi could do "a lot diplomatically" in regards to the human rights violations by Pakistan army in the fidgety region that Modi spoke about during India's Independence Day speech.

"The Baloch, Indian and other nations who have been the victims of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism can together defeat it."

Following other Baloch nationalists, Afghanistan and Bangladeshi leaders, he welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "brave and long-awaited" comments on the plight of Baloch people in Pakistan.

Ahmedzai, the current Khan of Kalat, left Pakistan in 2006 when the Pakistani army killed tribal leader Akbar Bugti in a battle. He is reported to have self-proclaimed the title after his father's death.

"India can help us at the UN and at the International Court of Justice. Together with our supporters in the US, we can at least get assets of the leading lights of Pakistan frozen, to begin with," the leader said.

Balochistan issue is said to be somewhat on the lines of Kashmir issue in India. But Ahmedzai said the issue his community has been facing should not be compared to Jammu and Kashmir. He also rubbished claims that Delhi could use Balochistan to pressurise Islamabad to end sponsoring terrorism in India.

"Indian national security and future economic growth is dependent on an independent Balochistan. How? China and Pakistan will surround India if Baloch aspiration for independence is suppressed and if the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is accomplished," he told the Indian newspaper.

"I believe Mr Modi is interested in India's national interest, and an independent Balochistan is in India's national interest."

He added that he might even approach Israel for help for Balochistan province to be separated from Pakistan. "The situation in Balochistan is very bad. There are no accurate estimates but 25,000 people are said to be missing and over a million displaced. Pakistan's rule over Balochistan has never been legitimate, now it has lost control over Balochistan."

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